What’s With The VdV Hate?

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Yesterday the news filtered out that Raphael Van der Vaart had been fast tracked on the old mendy mendy by Marjoe Von Toorn.

Now, not just on here but across the Internet there was resounding response somewhere between ‘so what?’ and ‘so what’s the good news?’

I won’t say I was shocked, sometimes even the most devoutly intelligent football fans get ‘footballed out’ and after another messiah free transfer window and an Interlull, it was always possible this news might get a somewhat muted response.

But has the shine really gone off the flying Dutchman that much?  He irritated the hell out of me in the Yanited game, but I put that down to Arry telling him he had a choice, he could hoof it to Pete or go for gold against the Manc man child.

Van der Vaart was a revelation last season. He was bloody excellent in the main, passing, scoring and kissing little old ladies on the nut like nobody’s business.

Now he seems to be viewed by a good many as a liability. Can any one explain why we don’t need him anymore?

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