Wolverhampton Wanderers Away The PreMatch Prattle

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What can I tell you? Well, it’s a 3 o’clock kick off so there will be the usual tiny pitter patter of stream requests. I’m being horribly short here, but aren’t there just about half a dozen of these sites doing all the games routinely every week and do search engines now do half days on Saturdays? It’s like someone constantly bumming cigarettes when you know they have money.

‘Wolves away weren’t ever going to be an easy game, we knew that. Mick’s had it all to do up here but he’s shown everyone they aren’t afraid to dig in and maybe that’s where we were lacking.

You go a goal up at a place like this and you can’t afford to sit back. Maybe our lot was guilty of underestimating them. But they showed resolve and we clearly didn’t match ’em in that department.

I thought our two up front done alright. I mean I didn’t know we’d signed Ade until just before the game so we haven’t had a chance to sort of discuss a plan. But Benny told ‘im what we wanted I think. The little man was always looking for chances, all he got was flags.We need to work on that.

I thought maybe we lacked a target man today, you know? I haven’t spoken to the chairman but I think he’s sold Crouchy. If that’s true, then maybe that’s what we was lacking.’

So to the game. The contest. The meat upon the bone then.

I’m no stat man but this one caught my eye. In the Top 10 Most Shots Without Scoring Table for the Barclay’s Premier League so far this season …Taarabt is top, Van der Vaart second, Defoe & O’Hara joint tenth. Just sayin’.

So far Wolves have drawn away at Villa and beaten Fulham 2-0 at Fulham. Fulham who were widely tipped for a resurgence under BMJ. We ought to win this. We need to draw a line under the previous two fiascos and this is a brilliant opportunity to achieve that.




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  • KevTheRev says:

    HH I’ve always had a soft spot for Wolves from the Steve Bull era, it’ll be a good test let’s hope we tuck a few away

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Wolves have grown on me if I’m honest. I had McCarthy down as a village idiot at one stage, but I’m now appreciating a more sinister, far more inviting side to him.

      That said, we need to wallop ’em.

    • melcyid says:

      HH Ive always had a soft spot for Wolves from the Derek Dougan era,+we beat them in the UEFA Cup.,it,ll be a good test lets hope we tuck a few away.
      Been called many names in my time,would like to add plagiarist to the list.
      Thanks KevTheRev

  • KevTheRev says:

    How embarrassing I forgot to say “1st”, and any chance of a stream for the game Harold?

  • johnhalloween says:

    Lets hope harry doesnt try and spring one of his tactical masterstokes and play bale on right lennon on left etc etc. I dont thick mick mac would be able to take it. Plus lets also hope luka wurzel gummige modric has on his international break head instead of his rat head. Ooh the possibilities.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Put Brad on the right wing. His crosses couldn’t be any worse than Azza Blud’s…

      • melcyid says:

        Gomes in goal with Brad and the other 2 goalies across the back.That should give Gomes some confidence about wots going on in defence wiv a bit of mutual understanding.

    • Alspur says:

      …but, to play devil’s advocate, Baler played a blinder for Wales on the right, last week… and he wasn’t too shoddy against Eng-er-land, there, either… ;)

  • Finn says:

    We’ve got no Champions League excuses we need to play our best side and get 3 points simple as that. That we might not have a clue as to what our best side is yet may pose a problem!

    We may have to chop and change to see who will gel in the front third, but we need to seriously take these guys on and get the Defoes and Lennon’s to put their game faces on. I hope we see a glimpse of things to come with Parker and Adebayour but a boring 1-0 win will do me just fine!

    I also hope we give a huge ovation to both these guys for putting the shirt on!

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Absolutely. Both could have easily gone elsewhere. Not about being ‘grateful’ rather cheering the fact that they chose us. Good point, Finn.

  • johnhalloween says:

    any change of a ciggy im all out?

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