Date:8th October 2011 at 7:56pm
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Good evening fight fans.

It has come to my attention that some bloke who has occasionally been seen in a first team shirt from one of the nation’s least sporting football teams, namely Arsenal aka the Woolwich Wanderers has been acting like a full blown ponce on live TV.

When interviewed on Soccer AM this morning, Frimpong the Arsenal star apparently said: “Tottenham play like girls’ football.”

This must come as another embarrassing blow to Arsenal football fans globally who in all fairness have faced a mountain to climb in Premiership terms after their gormless manager and seemingly disinterested board flogged off the club’s two best players.  Both chaps understandably wanted out this season, whilst still ambitious and young.

And embarrassing of course for not only his grammar wot is probably dead dench among looters, but also in light of the fact the recent NorfLandinDarby™ was but another nail in the Emptycrates coffin.

Why do they bother?