Date: 24th October 2011 at 3:40pm
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Good afternoon.

Good being comparative of course to the unmitigated migraine that was not only this morning but indeed also the bulk of yesterday. Imagine being trapped in a confined space with Ainsley Harriot for an indeterminate length of time. That’s my joy trying to apply reason to why this blog won’t like what it oughtta.

So a win against a bunch of bottom feeders. Just as well. I don’t know if I could have coped with another backlash quite so soon. The terrain of the online football junkie is littered with characters from a 1970’s sicom. “Everybody out!”

Well brothers and sisters the boy done good. And that is my thought for the day. All good evangelists have one I am told.

is a one trick pony. You field him and he plays to win. He plays to score. The man is a delight. Sometimes the old legs are weaker than the heart, but by Jiggins his heart was forged to not just to fight but flourish in the face of his foe.

The tactical talents of Mr Redschnapps have been called into question and maybe it’s an over simplistic solution to this is for and to be played in their favoured positions and build all else around them.

I warmly recall lengthy chats with an old pal of mine, Dave [a security guard] and I [a man permanently on his way somewhere else] in the cultural experience that is the Stillorgan Shopping Centre .

Dave is one the best. A fan, bless him, but one blessed with a phenominal footballing knowledge and more vitally a  understanding of football. Frequently we’d chew the fat over one game or another. The memory that makes me smile as I type is he and I almost taking it in turns to routinely deliver the punchline, ‘its a simple game – for example – you and I  understand it, perfectly.’