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Good morning.

I thought it might be nice to have an upbeat blog before we lose at Newcastle. Only kidding about the losing bit. But the mood has been a bit so-so for some while really. Nothing specific to this two bob blog, rather just the Interlull and such.

So scouring the Internet and all the recent stuff didn’t quite do it for me, but I was prompted to share this after seeing it turn up on Spurs Odyssey and this is quite simply a lovely bit of footage.

Perhaps we could solicit a few memories of the man and get ourselves all geared up for Sunday?Yes, I think we can.

Hoddle was a pivotal figure in my formative years as a young Tottingham fan. And watching this film brings it all back. You look at the state of the pitches and the state of the tackles and yet his feet danced with the ball. If he was playing today he would embarrass so many players who are routinely cooed over and insanely overvalued financially. Glenn was the real deal.

Did you see him play? Did you do his hair? Did you once let him your static caravan in West Runton? Talk to me…

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  • jimmy_boy81 says:

    He went to school where i live before i was born

  • SportingBilly says:

    I bought Diamond Lights…

  • PLN says:

    Most underrated English player ever i reckon. Other clubs fans never really thought much of him back then.

  • essexian76 says:

    Brilliant, Brilliant Brilliant,I saw him come on for his debut a sub v Norwich in 1975, and his first touch was sensational, saw his last v Oxford 1987, and….same again as were most in between.

    • TonyRich says:

      I was at that Oxford game too. That was only the second match I had been to.

      • essexian76 says:

        Tony, the guy was simply amazing, and I really could fill this up with his exploits. The one caputed on the film v Wimbledon doesn’t tell he whole story behind that goal. The free-kick was awarded because John Fashanu gave him a whack, but as he offered him hand to pick Hoddle up, kissed him (taking the piss), we were’nt playing well, and getting bullied out of, but Hoddle as you can see was really wound up and as shown-the rest is history, Waddle completed the scoring, playing The Don’s off the park at the end,

      • essexian76 says:

        Fantastic seeing that goal again, when people go on about the good old days, I can’t think of anything good about Wimbledon back then!

    • Highgatespur says:

      Ditto – I treasure those memories …. Hoddle Hoddle born is the king of White Hart Lane….

  • parklaneblk34 says:

    hoddle was my hero, briliant player!

    • jerkinmahjurgen says:

      Same here. Not known for his running or tackling and despite this compilation, criticized for a lack of goals, but the one where he wrong-foots everyone including the ‘keeper – as the ball rolled over the line I was having my first real orgasm.

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