Luka Responds To The Daily Mail

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Good morning. 

Late last night I received a phone call from from a withheld number. Here is a brief transcript as best as I can recall it. 

HH: Hello Manny’s World Of Erotica how can I help?

Voice: Mr Harry?

HH: Dad?

Voice: No Dad. It is me.

HH: Who me?

Voice: No. no you it is me.

HH: Who’s on first?

Voice: No like Abbott & Costello.

HH: Luka?

Voice: Mr Harry I need you help.

HH: If this is about that tee shirt money…

Voice: What tee shirts?

HH: Sorry, different Luka. How is your chicken badge allergy?

Voice: Better, but I still a speech pattern like Chico Marx.

HH: No good?

Voice: No bad.

HH: So what’s occuring?

Voice: No like Daily Mail.

HH: Nobody like Daily Mail. I mean nobody likes the likes the Daily Mail.

Voice: Daily Mail full of chicken poo.

HH: Guano.

Voice: I am go on. You interrupt.

HH: They don’t have a source?

Voice: No source. Daily Mail chicken poo. I like Tottingham training.

HH: So it’s not old fashioned?

Voice: In Croatia we have sheep head in bag for ball. Turnip for cones.

HH: Beckham trained at Spurs didn’t he?

Voice: I am married.

HH: Eh?

Voice: Not my type anyway.

HH: I was saying Beckham trained there so it must be decent…

Voice: No indecent. I always wear truss to stop raunchy time mistakes.

HH: So you are happy at Tottingham.

Voice: What you hear?

HH: Listen I have to go. 

Voice: I have to go too. Where are you? We go together.

HH: Goodbye and good luck.

*dial tone*

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  • Pablo says:

    This website is a joke! I tried to boycott it before because all the shite that gets published on here! This site is just for hits not for people that really follow the mighty spurs

    • n17yido says:

      didn’t you get any last night?

    • bukkake-breath says:

      well if you dont like it mate.. Do 1

    • Biggie says:

      Lol mate are you working for the daily fail because you talk about the same level of shit.

      And all of us on here got raunchy with your mum last night.

      She likessssss

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Pablo, I’m fascinated to know how you ‘tried to boycott’ it before. No really I am. Tell me how you tried and failed. Maybe there is a book in there, or even a movie. Sounds an gripping tale.

    • Liamyid says:

      Why do people come on here and moan, go vent your anger at the stupid made up stories in the mail and all the shitty websites that regurgitate it!! HH is a spurs supporters blog and he is taking the piss out of these fabricated stories, I hope this gets many hits because of te title so people can see how little we think of the twats who write such nonsense.

    • essexian76 says:

      Pablo Says:
      October 16th, 2011 at 10:53 am
      This website is a joke! I tried to boycott it before because all the shite that gets published on here.

      I also tried to boycott this site, but a mysterious feeling wafted over me forcing me to respond, I had no free will, no say in the matter whatsoever, I wonder what it was Pablo?

    • jim says:

      Nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition!

    • Billy Legit says:

      There are certain newspapers i will not allow in my home, let alone purchase or read.

      There are t.v programmes i just cannot stomach, so i don’t tune in.

      There are radio programmes that make my ears bleed so i don’t listen.

      I’m all for individuals voicing an opinion, but Pablo my boy, why take the time and effort to read, digest and then submit a comment on a weblog that you clearly have no time for?!

    • Essex1981 says:

      At least he didn’t put ‘1st’ ;)

  • bukkake-breath says:

    turnip cones.. pure class

  • Honest spur says:

    Once again! What a prick you are. Change your headlines to something representative of its content and stop hiding behind your ‘satirical artistic licence’. I feel it’s my duty to pick you up on this Harry H! You are clearly a talented wordsmith…If only you this was used in an honest manner! Such a shame.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      I feel it’s probably more your duty to clean toilets.

      • spurious supporter says:

        :-D :-D :-D

      • Colin SC says:

        Personaly, I think its funny, almost as funny as folk writing in to say they dont want to read it..
        Honestly it is just so easy not to read things on a blog. What you should do is get onto the site, avoid actually looking at that funny squiggly writing stuff. Then beat yourself unmercifully with the monitor until you are incapable of reading anymore,this works for Le Arse fans too (most cant read but ..but I think they like it?).

  • anteateater says:

    Harry Redknpp is getting so boring and predictable.

    win win win bloody win.

    Don’t he know any other results.

  • Jerard says:

    Harry, 4 hours to kick off and still no pre match prattle???

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