Date: 16th October 2011 at 10:47am
Written by:

Good morning. 

Late last night I received a phone call from from a withheld number. Here is a brief transcript as best as I can recall it. 

HH: Hello Manny’s World Of Erotica how can I help?

Voice: Mr Harry?

HH: Dad?

Voice: No Dad. It is me.

HH: Who me?

Voice: No. no you it is me.

HH: Who’s on first?

Voice: No like Abbott & Costello.

HH: Luka?

Voice: Mr Harry I need you help.

HH: If this is about that tee shirt money…

Voice: What tee shirts?

HH: Sorry, different Luka. How is your chicken badge allergy?

Voice: Better, but I still a speech pattern like Chico Marx.

HH: No good?

Voice: No bad.

HH: So what’s occuring?

Voice: No like .

HH: Nobody like Daily Mail. I mean nobody likes the likes the Daily Mail.

Voice: Daily Mail full of chicken poo.

HH: Guano.

Voice: I am go on. You interrupt.

HH: They don’t have a source?

Voice: No source. Daily Mail chicken poo. I like Tottingham training.

HH: So it’s not old fashioned?

Voice: In Croatia we have sheep head in bag for ball. Turnip for cones.

HH: Beckham trained at didn’t he?

Voice: I am married.

HH: Eh?

Voice: Not my type anyway.

HH: I was saying Beckham trained there so it must be decent…

Voice: No indecent. I always wear truss to stop raunchy time mistakes.

HH: So you are happy at Tottingham.

Voice: What you hear?

HH: Listen I have to go. 

Voice: I have to go too. Where are you? We go together.

HH: Goodbye and good luck.

*dial tone*