Date: 16th October 2011 at 6:53pm
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Good evening.

 I am tempted to recall the Hannibal Lecter line, ‘but you may lack perspective’ in relation to today’s fare. The first ten or so minutes were pretty good. was chucking weight about and it was clear the Bar Codistas were set up every bit like a side that that had been on an awfully good run.

But this isn’t to say I believe this draw reflect the natural order of things nor am content. But given the way we failed to cope with their formation, we came out of things none too bad.

For the bazillionth time stats ain’t my bag. Yet I think that today wasn’t a disaster on the basis that I will be interested to see damage Toon do to to the so called big boys. So far they have been upon an unprecedented run of dealing admirably with mediocre sides. 

Today was their first real crack at a gang of chancers with so called pretensions of greatness. And they have to be commended for their performance. Whatever the much maligned Pardew is up to he is definitely doing something right. A predominantly so so gang of players; yet they are so far dishing it out week on week so far.

tomorrow, but I think we can’t gripe over too much about today. Not really.

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