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Good evening.

 I am tempted to recall the Hannibal Lecter line, ‘but you may lack perspective’ in relation to today’s fare. The first ten or so minutes were pretty good. Van der Vaart was chucking weight about and it was clear the Bar Codistas were set up every bit like a side that that had been on an awfully good run.

But this isn’t to say I believe this draw reflect the natural order of things nor am content. But given the way we failed to cope with their formation, we came out of things none too bad.

For the bazillionth time stats ain’t my bag. Yet I think that today wasn’t a disaster on the basis that I will be interested to see damage Toon do to to the so called big boys. So far they have been upon an unprecedented run of dealing admirably with mediocre sides. 

Today was their first real crack at a gang of chancers with so called pretensions of greatness. And they have to be commended for their performance. Whatever the much maligned Pardew is up to he is definitely doing something right. A predominantly so so gang of players; yet they are so far dishing it out week on week so far.

Player ratings tomorrow, but I think we can’t gripe over too much about today. Not really.

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  • Benson says:

    Two minds again. Sort of game that in the past we would have lost. Happy with a point. Happy with unbeaten in 5. Pissed at the lack of passing in the last few minutes that cost us a win.

  • Mr_Spiggott says:

    I’d heard you like a cock-or-two :kissing:

  • Kluffah Yid says:

    Our shit-dick of a manager needs to learn about tactics.

    When we were up 1-2…

    1. He should have put Bale back on the right to protect a clearly fucked Walker.
    2. He should have made a defensive substitution to defend a lead we never really deserved in a game we never controlled.

    Why he brought on a totally useless shitbag of a striker for one who was doing just great I’ll never know.

    We really do have a great squad but the lack of tactics is killing us.

    • Kluffah Yid says:

      there was no ‘3.’ but if I had to I’d say tell BAE to stop hoofing it to the opposition, I no likey.

    • Alspur says:

      What defensive option? Did you see our bench? He could have brought Rose on, but someone would’ve been playing out of position…

    • banksy says:

      Dont think you can blame our so called ‘Shit-Dick’ Manager around tactics. The fact that Adebayor made the game itself was an added bonus considering he’d done his hamstring so to win a pen and get 80 mins i’d take that. As for Bale on the right….Non starter !

      • essexian76 says:

        Playing with Walker,Ade and Parker this season effectively means a third of the team are still bedding in team wise. We’re fortunate to have had those players who have hit the ground running, but to expect stellar performances each and every week is frankly ridiculous to the extreme. If we’d have lost, could you have said with honesty there wasn’t a player out there today who didn’t give everything? Some didn’t play well, other’s were OK, but no-one was shite and from those below par but point winning performances good teams are built.Is that my glass?, blimey I’ve still got half pint left!

        • Highgatespur says:

          Well said mate

        • eastanglianspur says:

          “But to expect stellar performances each and every week is frankly ridiculous to the extreme.”

          Bull shit! If that’s what you want then go support an amateur or semi-professional team for they would would have all the genuine excuses in world to say to their supporters: “come off it, we’re not premiership players and you cannot expect high level consistency from us every week.”

          When you pay top money wages for players, top performances EVERY WEEK SHOULD BE THE NORM not the exception.

          The reason we perform with such mediocrity is because there are too many so called supporters like you around ready to accept it and make excuses on their behalf.

          Pay ’em £1,000 per week and then I’ll listen to your excuses.

        • essexian76 says:

          Who asked you?,I thought this was a supporters blog?

        • eastanglianspur says:

          Precisely, so what are you doing here – Mr Mediocrity? :hae: 8O

        • essexian76 says:

          In most cases I’d blame the parents, in yours I blame your brother and sister! you really are am idiot of the highest order, please, please, Go away, it’s no wonder the government never connected East Anglia with the rest of civilization-bloody in-breds

        • eastanglianspur says:

          Ah yes, the blame game, a sure sign of someone with no argument. :daumen:

        • essexian76 says:

          I rest my case, and thanks for making me laugh, again and again and again-and again.

  • seppoyiddo says:

    Lacking composure without Ledley, some players tried to do too much and accomplished little more than giving the ball away. Not enough structure to have the interplay of the previous wins. Too much free balling for replacement players who need more coaching to make better decisions.

    • david says:

      Looks like our CB pairing for next few games will be Kaboum and Bassong. Not good.
      Dawson, Kaboum and Bassong are much better when they play alongside King or Gallas so expect to see us leaking a few goals until King or Gallas are back.
      Having said that, thought Kaboum was very imposing today.
      No idea what is going on with Bale.
      In his last 2 games for Wales he plays on right wing and is excellent. No idea what he was trying to do today.
      Final moan … is anyone else concerned at our inability to control matches ? Apart from the Liverpool game we have been hanging on in quite a few matches with no obvious sign of being better than the opposition.

      • essexian76 says:

        Would you have said we were hanging on against the Goons?, because as I saw it, we should’ve stuck another two away after our second goal. But we were shoddy and hurried in the final 15 minutes for no reason I could see.

        • david says:

          No, but for long periods of that game the goons retained possession and we struggled to get hold of the ball. Fortunatly, they did bugger all with it.
          I would like to see us controlling games, playing with some style and swagger and basically battering the opposition.
          So far, we have only managed that against Liverpool this season.

        • essexian76 says:

          We didn’t retain possession while VDV was on the park,yet as soon as Sandro entered the fray, both possession and creativity increased immediately, but I’m really not trying to score points, possession is all well and good, but effective passing and goals win games, not fiddling about in the middle of the park. Power, pace and purpose every time for me.

        • david says:

          But Sandro was only on the pitch for about 30 minutes and before that, we struggled to get the ball.
          Agree with you re the power, pace and purpose but we were lacking it today.

        • essexian76 says:

          Absolutely,I couldn’t agree more, I thought we’ve been average for the past three games, yet have taken 7 points, so it’ll be interesting next Sat against a Blackburn side who are desperate for points and will be snapping and snarling to get them. Perhaps they should do the decent thing and just roll over for us,but I doubt it somehow!

      • Hartley says:

        Didn’t think we were any worse or any better today than we were when we played against Le Arse, I honestly couldn’t see them scoring an equaliser today and to be fair both their goals were very preventable and had King been on the field would probably have been prevented. We have got 4 points from 2 games in which we haven’t played very well but the other team has been shy in front of goal. Newcastle missed a sitter today as did the goons at the Lane.
        We are in for a good hiding very soon, especially if King is going to be out for a while….doom and gloom ahead me thinks… :ninja:

        • essexian76 says:

          Gallas’ injury and how quickly he recovers is a watershed for this season, which when you consider we’re not in the market for a CH is a little worrying don’t you think?

        • david says:

          He has strained an abductor muscle, which means 3 weeks off apparently.
          Really need to get Gallas back but he has been out for ages and not likely to hit the ground running.
          We are being linked with Rio Ferdinand so that should end our injury problems at CB!

        • essexian76 says:

          Got any decent boots?, Is Caulker still out for a long time?-(thinking of Jan window)

        • Hartley says:

          We do have options and lets face it we can’t rely on King and Galls to be fit every game, to be fair it’s a bonus when either do actually play. Charlie can play in the centre and so can Thudd (mysterious absence), Caulker has been loaned out hasn’t he? Bassong is’nt the best CH in the world but with Sandro and Parker in front of him he will do OK. In fact I bet Sandro would be just as good at CH as he is in midfield….

        • essexian76 says:

          Hudd’s out for 6 weeks; had an ankle op last week, so cannot see him in the side till Dec and Caulker is back after an injury with Swansea, so whether he goes back or not remains to be seen,which was why i wondered how bad it was and if it was long term? Bassong can’t be trusted, I think they’ve tried with him but he looks shot to pieces to me, shame really

        • MysteriousStranger says:

          Is an abductor muscle used to make kidnapping easier? :freu

  • Jack says:

    It’s all about tactics / coaching. Modric on the right doesn’t work. You put your best player in his best position then sort the rest from there. We made them look top 4 quality.

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