Return Of The [Dirty] Mac

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Good morning.

Some people think that newspaper content has an inherent value and so ought to be paid for by its readers. There isn’t a business model (that actually works) based upon the word ‘ought.’

The London Evening Standard leaves others in its wake on the 12th of this month as the paper that was value at 50p hits the streets for free. My prediction is that their wish to increase from 250k readers to 600k readers may in time prove conservative.

Meanwhile, sheltering behind a pay wall like malnourished pup holding out for an RSPCA van to turn up, is The Times. And over that wall is the news that David Pleat is returning to Tottingham in the capacity of ‘European Scout.’ 

Pleat arrives staggering from the train wreck at Nottingham Forest. Pleat held onto with his fingertips a part time consultancy job at the City ground where baying fans eventually got their wish as he and Schteve McClaren  got the old Spanish Archer.

Let’s see how many Forest fans will still be smiling when they read this morning that Roy Keane the World’s Crappiest Manager™ is the bookies favourite to be appointed. 

Back to The Lane and our thoughts must be around how this might effect the buying dynamic. Is this merely Director Of Football by another name? Or a crystal clear indication that Levy & Co have caught on that Arry’s transfer talents significantly ebb the moment he walks into a departure lounge?

I have a soft spot for Pleat, his insanity is a part of football that should be cherished but is fading. Pundits and presenters are more like mortgage advisors these days …oh well, the policemen are getting younger too.

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  • ian says:

    i remember Pleat after 87 cup final stating it was a great game and how proud he was where every spurs fan was gutted. The man loves good football first so in this role he is very welcome.
    this could also be the stall is being set out for harrys departure, notice Joe Lewis is on the scene, hence things will happen with our future being defined beofre xmas

  • Bruxie says:

    European scout.

    That’ll keep him busy.

    Fluent in French, German and Spanish.

    What a wise choice!

  • Nicola Berti says:

    Caretaker manager in waiting?

  • Hartley says:

    Are we to presume that he has now curbed his crawling once and for all? or will that come back to bite us? What exactly is a European Scout? does he look across Europe for new talent? or is he watching future opponents? or a bit of both? Bit risky though, sending him to Amsterdam and the like with his previous….. :shifty:

  • MaddySpurs says:

    Chimbombla lol. Genius.

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