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Good mid morning and welcome to the Europa.

My first observation is that Rubin Kazan would have been a great name for a character in Angel Heart. And my second is that this will be the battle of the nearly men. 

Louis Cyphre: Are you an atheist?
Harry Angel: Yeah, I’m from Brooklyn.

Sure I was put back in my box by the vast majority of you that voted in a recent poll. Things have changed and clearly most people don’t give as stuff about this competition. So tonight will be interesting as I believe that  Rubin Kazan do care and they will be fielding their finest.

So will Arry play the kids? My guess is that the side will remain slanted that way. The Europa is a pleasant enough distraction for the up and coming players but essentially a nuisance in respect of the first teamers. Why would he make dramatic changes now?

Gio and Pav are pretty much guaranteed a start I guess. So if they fail again to set the world alight being serviced by children, their coffins will have definitely more nails in than wood.

I hope I am wrong. I hope we get cracker of a game, but if we do it may be down to the visitors kick starting proceedings.

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  • Deano says:

    Im looking forward to it either way.
    Still quite like watching the kids run around.
    We’ll qualify anyway whatever the result today so just a chance to get to WHL and watch a game.

  • Dutchman says:

    Rubin Kazan..

  • Me Again says:

    Although I’ve got 2 ST’s I will be watching from the safety and warmth of my sofa. Is it a protest over rip off ticket prices or the fact I’m skint? Yep to both. Greedy bar stewards.

    Stoke charged £40 for all 3 group matches – where’s Spurs creative marketing? For sense sake I hope there’s 15k there and it back fired.

  • chickenbadge says:

    Saw a bit of Rubin Kazan merrily taking apart CSKA Moscow on ESPN earlier this week. They looked a fair side to me.

    Whilst I’m not overly fussed about our progress in the competition this season I don’t wish to see us, under any circumstances, get a hiding, ever.

    Now this may prove not to be the game to do it but at what stage do you guys think the competition becomes ‘firstteam-able’? If at all.

  • paulhasissues says:

    I think we would play a more mature side, if we had the players – however the level of injuries we’ve had makes the side what it is.

    Sure we’ll do ok though.

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