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Good morning.

First up, good to see Gazza on the road to Wellville. He’s been there before, but I understand he’s making great progress and the more daft characters football has, the better.

The game itself was tough viewing at times as our formation creaked uneasily as many new players and an unedifying injury list took it’s toll. Add to this the Bar Codes aren’t where they are in the table by luck. They might not quite be ‘The Entertainers’ again, but Pardew has them organised and their desire was impressive enough.


Highlight of the game was his attempt to smuggle the ball back over the line after their equalizer. If I had to describe that move in word, that word would be ambitious.


It was all a bit of a struggle. In his defense Toon were at him and this is hardly a settled, cohesive back four, so no calls for his retirement just yet.


Many are called, some fail to turn up, a few say in a thick French accent, ‘let’s ave it my old son.’ He was well and truly put to the test and by golly I think he just about passed.


The poor old girl’s legs went and so back to the Guvnor’s swimming pool with our best wishes.


A hectic day at the office. Considering his last two run outs were worse I’m taking this as gradual improvement and again not calling for him to be chased out the borough by an angry mob with lit torches.


What I would do is play him in the middle and fit everyone else around him. This is on the basis that he’s apparently worth loads more than any of the others and is really good at playing football. 


Looking every bit like a decent first team player. I particularly liked his show of grit when having a barney with one of their lot. We need more chaps like this who are ‘up for it’ and Jake certainly is that.


Probably his toughest shift with us yet. What I particularly like is watching him win a ball, tap it forward, look up, forward again and pass. A fantastic signing and without him we’d be in schtuck.


Another distinctly average performance. I’m bored with this whole crazy right wing business. It’s like the Amstrad vertical record player. I understand it, I just don’t want it.


So let me just check I have this right. Our most consistent goalscorer and one of our most talented players is  a nuisance to accommodate when drawing up the team sheet. Arry, grow a brain and get back to me when you have.


He’s rock and roll. They were three up on him at stage. Whoever plays with him will score goals and whoever plays against him will have their hands full. Classy, smiley, destroyer. 


A lethal strike followed by an infuriatingly selfish botch job. 

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  • toddspur says:

    HH; walker 5

    Are you/were you drunk?

    THE best player on the park. Have you marked him down cos he couldnt run for 20% of it?

    Overall the scores are a bit harsh. Thought The Bull was v-good (8/10 IMHO) and Basser did ok when he came on

    2-2 up there playing just above average isnt the end of the world

    • Chirpy says:

      In fairness Walker was at fault for their second goal. 5 is a bit harsh, but ‘THE best player on the park’? Really?

      • toddspur says:

        without a doubt; but that is only my opinion.

        I thought Modric was at fault for their second??

        • UnkleKev says:

          Modric was at fault for the first and I think it would be churlish to blame one of our lot for the second as it was a superb strike from Ameobi. My only real complaint about their second is that we should have been at least 3-1 up by then.

        • toddspur says:

          sorry, yes Unk Kev is right….I tend to forget oppositions goals (conveniently)

          Shola’s goal was top drawer though

    • PLN says:

      I thought Walker was brilliant yesterday. Modric not getting back for the first goal left him with no chance to stop the cross.

  • Van der Faart says:

    We shoulda won it!! …we lacked composure in keeping possession and didn’t control the tempo. When we were 2-1 up, we needed to boss the game and zip the ball about in triangles rather than charge up front and leave the back door open. Modders gave the ball away far too often in my view even if he was out of position! We should have got a third goal too!

  • Deano says:

    “A lethal strike followed by an infuriatingly selfish botch job.”

    Couldnt have put it better myself.
    Amazing and Frustrating in equal measure.

  • Van der Faart says:

    Modders fell asleep for both geordie goals – he certainly wasn’t worth £40 mil on yesterday’s performance! (4)

  • Spurfect says:

    I think the fullbacks deserve more of a 5.5 – 6 there Harold, considering having no ‘wing cover’ to help them out.

    I like Livermore, but I fear a touch of the Jenas’ about him, going missing and giving away silly free kicks sometimes.

    Brad first below par game for me. Think both goals he coulda done better, but still pulled off a couple of decent saves. Looked ‘creaky’

    I dont see why we didnt play 4-4-2 with VDV in midfield/on the right to be fair.

    Playing Modric anywhere other than in the middle is just madness. Parker looked like he was baring the load of three men in the middle there.

    Decision making from both Defoe and Ade was lacking a few times when we couldve got a 3rd.

    G-g-g-g-g-g-g-g good game. Nothing for a pair, not in this draw.

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