Spurs Sign Their ‘Roy Keane’ At Long Last

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Good morning.

Those bookmakers still trading this morning must be spitting feathers. It seems every Spurs fan this side of the Great Wall of China had lumped on the 3-1 win. But the real reason to be cheerful for all was Scott Parker.

We hear all the time about ‘winning mentality’. It’s a depressing truth that this mindset at Tottenham is something that seems too often be something that happens almost by chance. One of the main reasons that we have been driven out of our minds watching Spurs is having to watch too many of our lot seemingly, ‘not quite be in the mood for it.’ How many times have Spurs finished second best to a gang of assorted part time pipe fitters because the hackers and grunters simply wanted it more?

Exit the lethargy; enter PNB.

He quite simply has what it takes. QPR won’t be the toughest opposition he ever faces, but that is largely beside the point. If you walk out to every game ‘tailoring’ your performance to who is in front of you, you’re courting disaster. Manchester United haven’t achieved all they have achieved by playing like this against so and so or playing like that against whoever. It doesn’t work like that. The object of the exercise is to go out there and do ’em. Not to implement a strategy. This is football not the tweaking of a corporation’s stationary ordering policy.

And that’s Parker’s strength. He’s a good old fashioned, ‘which way are we playing and wallop’ merchant. Something we’ve been missing since oh I don’t know, MacKay?

I won’t dwell on his age or what might have been had he not been a twit and joined us sooner. You can either fall in love in the autumn of your years and enjoy what you have, or take the good out of your happiness by moping your days away. 

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  • Cyril says:

    He is tremendous. I suspect Sandro may be even better!!

    • Treacle says:

      Agree totally, Parker is a fantastic signing, but Sandro is something really special

    • Hartley says:

      Parker had a fantastic game yesterday, his work rate was outstanding. Sandro has the potential to be one of the worlds greatest players in that position and I have no doubt if he stays injury free he will be, both for Brazil and hopefully us….

    • cyril says:

      i agree with all these comments. parker was very very good, but sandro with be our roy kean and bryan robson. and he won the s. am equivalent of the champions league already, so i guess he has winning mentality. he is quicker, stronger, and does not get a nose bleed when in an attacking position as my parker can tend to, eg one on one with arsenal keeper, and a couple of times yesterday when he made the wrong pass. compare the run sandro made at the throwin that led to our winning goal against arsenal and the goal he scored agaimnst chelsea last year. my worry is the lack of starts causes him to go and be a superstar somewhere else. at least it will likely not be in england so we wont have another souness to regret for many years, he was 19 or 20 when he left because he was not getting first team games

      • UnkleKev says:

        The only reason he’s not starting at the moment is because he’s still not fully recovered from his recent injury. Once he’s done that I’m convinced Harry’s got it in mind to play him alongside Parker in the middle.

        • cyril says:

          maybe when we are away at man city, but in a game liek yesterday? who wd he drop? lennon i guess, and then modric or vdv out wide?

        • UnkleKev says:

          I don’t care who we are playing, Sandro and Parker together in the middle would be the first two names on the teamsheet for me.

          But to answer your question, Lennon would be the one to miss out from yesterday’s team. Harsh, I know, but Sandro and Parker is just too irresistable.

        • Hartley says:

          :daumen: I agree 100% with you…….

        • jim says:

          Lennon had 2 assists so we would’ve drawn 1-1 great idea!

    • sniftywoof says:

      hope we dont lose Sandro dont forget Parkers age

    • Stephen says:

      Why do people want to throw out the player who made two assists on Sunday? The interplay between Lennon and Bale was amazing at times and led to both of Bale’s goals. Its a real tough one though; VDV is scoring a goal a game, Bale is coming into form, Modric and Parker are first choice and Lennon coming back from injury had a good game. Remember that Lennon performs when there is competition for his place. He wiped the floor with Bentley, reduced him to a shell of his former self and then took his foot off the gas. So we might find Aaron coming back to be the player who terrorises defenders because he is no longer guaranteed a start. The good news is that we have the best team we have had for decades :)

  • Dutchman says:

    He IS amazing!

  • Gilzean's Haircut aka WLM PR says:

    He is MacKay reincarnated with a touch of the Roberts about him too… ‘run through walls’ hell yeah…

  • Gilzeanwasgod says:

    Top top and triffic – the ultimate accolade!
    Also a mention for Lennon for two neat assists. As one who has described him as ‘brainless’ in the past it was good to see him playing with his head up and the little grey cells engaged. More please.

  • essexian76 says:

    When playing against teams that aren’t as skilful, the minimum we should expect is to match their work-rate. Superior skill will shine through.It’s not tactical genius, but attitude and desire to see the game through. Adebayor’s tackle on the edge of the box led indirectly to the second goal, defending from the front I think it’s called? a desire to win, I call it! The past three games, we’ve been OK, got through, but yesterday, we looked balanced with Lennon back on the wing. Lennon was the missing link, if we’re to get the best out of our strikers. Adebayor holds it up in a way Crouch never could or did but that 3rd goal, was something else wasn’t it?

    • ShelfLife says:

      That 3rd goal was lauded as a “work of art” by the Sky commentator. Left old Ray gushing as well whom – I suspect he was left wondering quite how The Bale managed to get so much “swazz” on his shot.

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