Date: 31st October 2011 at 10:16am
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Good morning.

Those bookmakers still trading this morning must be spitting feathers. It seems every fan this side of the Great Wall of China had lumped on the 3-1 win. But the real reason to be cheerful for all was .

We hear all the time about ‘winning mentality’. It’s a depressing truth that this mindset at is something that seems too often be something that happens almost by chance. One of the main reasons that we have been driven out of our minds watching Spurs is having to watch too many of our lot seemingly, ‘not quite be in the mood for it.’ How many times have Spurs finished second best to a gang of assorted part time pipe fitters because the hackers and grunters simply wanted it more?

Exit the lethargy; enter PNB.

He quite simply has what it takes. QPR won’t be the toughest opposition he ever faces, but that is largely beside the point. If you walk out to every game ‘tailoring’ your performance to who is in front of you, you’re courting disaster. haven’t achieved all they have achieved by playing like this against so and so or playing like that against whoever. It doesn’t like that. The object of the exercise is to go out there and do ’em. Not to implement a strategy. This is football not the tweaking of a corporation’s stationary ordering policy.

And that’s Parker’s strength. He’s a good old fashioned, ‘which way are we playing and wallop’ merchant. Something we’ve been missing since oh I don’t know, MacKay?

I won’t dwell on his age or what might have been had he not been a twit and joined us sooner. You can either fall in love in the autumn of your years and enjoy what you have, or take the good out of your happiness by moping your days away.