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Good morning children of the revolution.

I can feel it in my water. Either we are definitely going to do some serious damage to the Woolwich Wanders or it’s a urinary infection. Here is my selection and as ever the sole purpose of this is to solicit yours. 


Is Friedel better than than Gomes? Who knows. What we do know is that Brad doesn’t appear to be a broken man. If Heurelho was a toy, he’d be a jigsaw puzzle.


The dear boy got himself into a bit of a jiggins last week at Wigan and I am convinced he’ll have filed that under ‘Not again thank you’ and will be ready to rock.

Media darlings r Us. He had a medical yesterday and if you are blessed with  the hearing of a bat you might just hear the sound of hundreds of thousands of fingers crossing.

Next to King like all mortal men he takes on extra extra powers, like Mario running into a mushroom like on that computer game I had on my Game Boy.

It was a toss up between Charlie and Rose. My heart says Rose, but my head says Charlie will complete a defense that says, ‘Not tonight Josephine.’ Which may strike a chord with all their French players.

Pathe News Bloke himself. It will be a close run thing between him and Bale as to who will draw the worst fouls from the dirty rotten gooner no mark scumbags. I expect big shorts, a classical haircut and …guts.

Now is the time for a masterclass from the Croatian cash n’ grab merchant. With his trusty PNB by his side, we should see some soul destroying passes fizzing about.

Bale …will tear you apart.

The seventy minute specialist would effectively give us three strikers and Arsenal more headaches than an entire day of purely drinking cocktails.

 Much talk about that slide, apologies for it and the nervous anticipation of what he may do to celebrate scoring this time. My suggestion is, ‘score another one.’

Some idiot yesterday thought this image was racist. He’s black, he’s a midget, he’s a gem. Would love to see him burst the Arsenal net tomorrow. ‘I would love it.’

Subs: My selection here would be comprised of the best ones that I didn’t pick for the first eleven – with a note to include a goalie.

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  • johnhalloween says:

    hilarious as usual. Is it wrong not to be confident. Wigan second half will do that to a realist.

  • aidy j says:

    Friedel, walker, kaboul, king, bae, rafa, parker, luka, bale, defoe, keane, oh sorry Badabadboyayour, sandro on for someone when we’re cruising, oh please someone knock the forehead off gervinho, hes my newest hate figure

  • Carl says:

    No Bale? Not sure about that.

  • spurious supporter says:

    Do you know something re Billy G, that you haven’t told us? I thought he still had the gout.


    Charlie Bull The King Benny



    Blud Baler

    Manu JD

    VDV for Azza as an impact sub or Sandro for the jittery/ sh*ttery period.

    Carlo,Walker,Bassoon,Pav we could go on and on, which is nice.
    Let’s book them some proctology surgery. :devil:

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Bill is Bill in a china shop, as in Raging Kaboul in a china shop :whistle: the gout is ‘unrelenting’

  • Spursman says:

    Rose or Charlie? Did you mean to put Walker or Charlie? Walker, King, Kaboom, BAE…

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