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Good afternoon.

As we prepare ourselves for the recommencement of hostilities after another beyond rubbish Interlull, what better way to get focused than to be correctly attired? Precisely. So here we go…

I have an overwhelming desire to wear the official shirt but every time I put one on whatever mirror I look in suddenly has the words, ‘dart player’ appear like a magical subtitle caption beneath my reflection.

So here are the pick of the pops for real people.  Please feel free to order in bulk. 

What I would like is to solicit are your ideas for shirts. One of the very cool things about the chaps at ShotDead who make these beauties – in a UK sweat shop – is that they actively encourage customer suggestions. This keeps tee shirt ideas fresher than fresh.

So you can either share your wisdom and wit in the usual manner or direct to HERE or you can simply spend like you stole it by clicking on any image below.

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