A Quick Chat With Pat Jennings

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Here’s a brief chat I had with Pat Jennings this afternoon.

As you may spot the route in to the chat was the McDonalds Grassroots Coaching. But Pat was happy to also talk about Friedel, Gomes and the win against Aston Villa. Triffic.

·         McDonald’s proudly supports football in Britain’s communities, providing more opportunities for anyone to volunteer and qualify as community coaches plus increasing access to free qualified coaching for youngsters everywhere. 

·         Over the next four years, McDonald’s will continue its work with The FA which aims to help coaches play an even greater role in their local communities through the FA Charter Standard League programme to ultimately improve standards at grassroots level.

·         As The FA’s Community Partner since 2002, McDonald’s has helped to create more football for all by training and recruiting over 20,000 qualified football coaches and offering 2 million hours of free, quality football to young players across the UK.

·         The partnership will also support 400,000 volunteers, 6,000 grassroots clubs and create a total of 30,000 qualified coaches by 2014. For more information, visit

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  • royalspur says:

    i was there too last night pat, we were awesome

  • SpurredoninDublin says:

    Nice to listen to him, and especially his use of “we”, “our” and “us” which I am glad you picked up on.

    As I said yesterday, you will never get him to say a bad word about anybody, which makes it all that much harder to reconcile this with his treatment by our then board.

    Pat Jennings: A world class player and gentleman.

  • mitchellstolemypipe says:

    I played golf with him in portugal on a mc donalds charity event in Val de lobo 2 months ago. The guys a legend & a true gent. Not too bad a golfer either, plays off of a 6 handicap ! He reckons we’ll get top four easily this season & if he says so then it must be ! COYS

  • LosLorenzo says:

    Great little scoop there H!

  • kojac says:

    hello pat,haha we nearly got a 2 from 8

    good job HH

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