Aunty’s Got Her Bloomers In A Twist

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Good morning.

Interesting times in which we live. Arsenal supremo Aunty Wenger is bleating again which in itself is not unusual, but this time about the fact that Adebayor has a caveat in his loan deal whereby he may not play against Manchester City. 

Aunty tries to pass this quite standard arrangement off as some sinister tactic that has sent the Premiership into a maelstrom by citing that he allowed both Pennant and Bendtner to play against Arsenal when he loaned them out.

He really is an absolute child. He’s like some mentalist in a restaurant who orders the steak, then spends the rest of his meal not only bemoaning the fact he didn’t order the lobster but it was a conspiracy by the waiter to deprive him because he didn’t recommend the lobster when he ordered.

The timing of the nutty Professor’s comments is interesting. We went third after a consistent run of form that leaves Tottingham 3 points clear of the Woolwich Wanderers who have suffered from  an abysmal away showing and been more than reliant upon Van Pervert. You don’t need to be anymore than a pop psychologist to realize that what Aunty is doing here. Pervert hasn’t hit a vein of form like this in a dog’s age. And outside of the Dutchman he has a squad that can collapse without warning against anyone.

Do you think Manchester City guilty of rigging the deck by buying gifted players and then deciding where they are loaned? If you do, then all I can tell you is, ‘That’s Show Business.’ Why does loaning a player suddenly lessen your control over someone who’s wages your are still paying? And why should a club act in a stealthy manner in all aspects of it’s management?

This is like playing Monopoly and saying it’s not fair that your opponent has loads of houses and hotels up. As long as they weren’t palmed while you were nipping to the lav, it’s called playing the game.

It’s tempting to count chicks that haven’t hatched, but Spurs are playing some slick football and bizarrely we don’t have any huge question marks hovering over our first squad players. We flogged them off in the summer.

The divide between us and them is closing at a rate of knots. And come the end of the season we should look forward to Aunty handing that vile little oik Wilshire a Blankety Blank cheque book and pen to pay his  wager with.

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  • paulhasissues says:

    Wegner will have the same response to his christmas presents. How iz it that I only own this Ipad and yet must pay orange £20 per month for the dongle? This is madness. When you get an Ipad the internet is what you expect.

    @paulhasissues on twitter

  • fios says:

    hahahahahaha…tiny totts once again demonstrating your small club attitude

    • SpurredoninDublin says:

      If we are tiny, then you must be cringing the way we have dealt with you for the past three years. Embarrassing init?

    • Benson says:

      Small club attitude by having our manager cry and bitch about a player we sold now playing on loan for Arsenal….oh wait a minute!

    • essexian76 says:

      Is it the same small club who are above you, beaten you (at ease) and have done 3 out of the last four?

  • greavesie says:

    why do you give a flying f… what anybody at the pop gunners think?

    how is it at all relevant to anything?

  • lee says:

    that wiltshire kid is such a div . So he’s called on a bet with us Yids, yeah right ta ta little boy back in your pram. £3k wow- if he really thought they wud finish above us he might have put some proper money down , like a months salary. What a prat all he is trying to do is get more followers on twitter. I really dont like this mouthy little prick.

    • Dan says:

      Yes, I agree with that. £3k is nothing to Jack the Lad. Let’s make it……1 million dollars?

      And let’s see if he would be interestd is this – He recently said that he would stay at Arsenal for life. That said, would he be prepared to give any signing on fee to charity when he inevitably gets bored of losing and wants to move to a club that occassionally wins things?

    • Razspur says:

      Looking closer at the JW proposed bet, i would like to take it on for 3k. Current bookie prices are 4/5 Spurs to finish above Arsenal, 6/5 the other way round so 3k to cover JW`s bet and put 3k on Arsenal, if we win get 6k from him, if we lose get 6.6k from bookies for 6 months wait. Either way i win and the idiot has to pay up but it would gall me to put money on them.

  • Kash says:

    Peter File Wenger did not say anything when Jockstrap Wilshire was on loan at Bolton. The man is a 25 carat idiot. I hope Dortmund beat them with a dodgy pen. Oh I did not see that !!!

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