Date: 9th November 2011 at 10:37am
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Good morning members of the jury.

You’ll recall Sunday Times a while back exposed the fact that West Ham and the OPLC were accused of shall we call it a conflict of interest. Specifically that WHFC they had commissioned the paid services of an OPLC employee to assist with their application to win the Olympic Stadium Raffle.

The Sunday Times were led to believe by the ‘investigators’ that they spoke to that payments were made into the back account of the OPLC employee, Dionne Knight. The payments came from an account operated by Naughty Knickers Of Newham Ltd T/A Football Club.

The best bit was that the OPLC employee, Dionne Knight was in a relationship with…  a Director at West Ham.

“My board were put under surveillance by and the chairman of Tottenham Hotspur felt confident enough to say that in the Sunday Times several months ago, that all 14 members of my board were put under surveillance. The Metropolitan Police are now conducting an investigation into that surveillance.” Baroness Ford

Now, due to old Rupe’s pesky pay wall and a poor memory I cannot cut and paste the admission by & Co that Baroness Ford is insistent the article contains.

The Baroness needs to get a good solicitor. The issue of the law being broken by private eyes is likely to be pretty black and white. If bank statement information has been obtained it is vital to establish precisely how this was done. The issue of the OPLC process having been corrupted is already proved. Dionne Knight admitted the payments when doorstepped by a Sunday Time journo.

I question as to what the Baroness actually has to throw at Levy & Co. If someone had put me under surveillance I wouldn’t be delighted about it, but I would be stark raving outraged if my bank account activity was leaked or stolen. And it wasn’t the Baroness’ account remember. So she’s getting very shirty whilst we hear zip from Ms Knight.

Perhaps the Baroness has been so immersed in Birtspeak she is incapable of speaking normally anymore. If bank statements or whatever were unlawfully obtained, then why not say so? Why whine about ‘surveillance?’ This is like people who wander around decrying things as being ‘inappropriate’ what they are actually doing is masking what they really want to say.

“Our job now is to narrow, as far as we possibly can, the scope now for legitimate legal challenge in this next process. That is all that we can do. If people want then to be vexatious, frivolous and vindictive or whatever they want, they will do that.”

What the hell is she on about? I thought her job was to weigh up bids and pick the best one. It seems I was wrong. It’s her job to make a fist of everything she touches and speak like a magic eight ball that was programmed by a half cut public school boy.

So what have Levy & Co to say from deep within the bowels of their volcano lair? Well they are denying involvement in any law breaking. They are quite specific saying that THFC:

“…did not undertake, instruct or engage any party to conduct surveillance on any member of the OPLC committee”

All that remains is the glaring fact that somebody blew the whistle on the West Ham manipulation of the OPLC process. And I wonder if the damning information wasn’t simply tossed into to the public domain by someone who simply couldn’t resist sitting on it any longer. Which would be ironic of course. Don’t forget that the Porn Barons suffered from a similar fit of being unable to keeping schtum when they began celebrating their success in landing the OS the night before the decision was formally announced.

Let’s hope that all the useless players and all the crooked players in this farce are removed from the field of play as swiftly as possible and common sense is given an opportunity to elbow its way into proceedings. When Baroness Birdbrain has finished clucking the entire future of the stadium needs to be reevaluated.

The vanity of Lord Coe and his cronies in wanting this ridiculous structure to be kept going after the games is breathtaking.  Trying to pass off a Championship football club plus a few dozen folk running, leaping over things , jumping and chucking stuff about as a legacy is a joke and a not very funny one. Has the OPLC been guilty of collusion? Did West Ham rig the deck? Was the bloke from the 1970’s Milk Tray adverts? What we do know is that so far stupidity has been the OS’ first tenant and maybe, just maybe this is a good opportunity serve it an eviction order.