Date:15th November 2011 at 8:32am
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Good morning.

I tell you what the old Interlull is really building up a head of steam now. In a bid to trump the trending inertia the Welsh blazed an innovative trail by booing something that hadn’t actually happened, is unlikely to take place and if it ever did would have no effect upon anybody anyway. Come on, that is stellar Interlull behaviour.

Scott Parker won the ‘Greatest Player From A Bygone Era To Win A World Cup Final’ as Engerland beat Johnny Foreigner in a comprehensive 1-0 thrashing of another football team killing time before a real game of football breaks out.

Our old mate John Terry has been on the telly quite a bit. Prior to the Spain game he just happened to be filmed jogging with Theo Walnutt. Sadly for the chavtain that jog didn’t seem to convince many at the England presser that he was out of the race hate woods and ‘an advisor’ had to butt in on several occasions.  Terry’s forehead resembled a walnutt as the incessant plaintive raising of his eyebrows has turned his fizzhog into a fleshy ordinance survey map.

The Internationals generally have been a mixed bag. The boy Bale scored, we’ve seen Sandro’s footage and van Der Vaart was rumoured to have been involved in a threshing machine accident playing for Holland but it turned out to be a twitchy hamstring that ought to be alright for our next game. Which right now feels like it is sometime mid February.

When we do start playing again Levy & Co will be hoping to sell lots of seats, merchandise and bottles of fizzy pop sans their screw-tops if the Evening Standard are to be believed. Modders is to be the first of our brave boys to burst the salary cap and is lined up to trouser £100,000 a week. Welcome to the brave new world and please use the handrail provided.