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Good morning.

I tell you what the old Interlull is really building up a head of steam now. In a bid to trump the trending inertia the Welsh blazed an innovative trail by booing something that hadn’t actually happened, is unlikely to take place and if it ever did would have no effect upon anybody anyway. Come on, that is stellar Interlull behaviour.

Scott Parker won the ‘Greatest Player From A Bygone Era To Win A World Cup Final’ as Engerland beat Johnny Foreigner in a comprehensive 1-0 thrashing of another football team killing time before a real game of football breaks out.

Our old mate John Terry has been on the telly quite a bit. Prior to the Spain game he just happened to be filmed jogging with Theo Walnutt. Sadly for the chavtain that jog didn’t seem to convince many at the England presser that he was out of the race hate woods and ‘an advisor’ had to butt in on several occasions.  Terry’s forehead resembled a walnutt as the incessant plaintive raising of his eyebrows has turned his fizzhog into a fleshy ordinance survey map.

The Internationals generally have been a mixed bag. The boy Bale scored, we’ve seen Sandro’s footage and van Der Vaart was rumoured to have been involved in a threshing machine accident playing for Holland but it turned out to be a twitchy hamstring that ought to be alright for our next game. Which right now feels like it is sometime mid February.

When we do start playing again Levy & Co will be hoping to sell lots of seats, merchandise and bottles of fizzy pop sans their screw-tops if the Evening Standard are to be believed. Modders is to be the first of our brave boys to burst the salary cap and is lined up to trouser £100,000 a week. Welcome to the brave new world and please use the handrail provided.

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  • cyril says:

    morning harry. one more round of games in which we need to avoid injuries and then we can sit back and watch other teams drop points over the weekend while enjoying the xtra time to get the team back together as a team, feels like spring with all this hope in the air. the one cloud of course is january 23, the day after i had us down to go top of the table with and away win at m city.

  • jim says:

    At least this website doesn’t make up stuff when there’s nothing around. Terry’s head “resembling a walnut” Marvelous! Villa should be interesting,I’m with you, cant see VDV playing at weekend.Maybe Sandro, Mod and PNB in midfield, many a good man have been calling for this.

  • Yachtsman says:

    What are the odds that the announcement of Modder’s 100,000 is coupled with confirmation that the new stadium is a done deal? May be even a start of construction date, plus a commitment that local firms will have first cut of the work involved.

    Now that would be good news before January…

    • jim says:

      We now know it wont be the OS, but does that mean we will rent somewhere whilst WHL is rebuilt? Or are they continuing to look for different sites?

      • KrakowJosh says:

        I think the NDP allows for the new stadium to be built adjacent to WHL, with one stand overlapping that would be demolished once we move into the two-thirds completed new stadium.

        Or something like that :unsure:

        • essexian76 says:

          My objections to the NDP were/are based on the infrastructure issue and the simple fact that Haringey Borough are inept, and Lammy is a self serving cnut. The scheme itself looks brilliant and according to the latest IKN, Boris has promised a new tube link and a reduced ‘sweetener’ of 7.5 million, but I’d anticipate Levy screwing a lot more out the authorities yet?

      • essexian76 says:

        It’s a build and move up scheme, Jim. Spurs will continue to play at the Lane while the project is happening and the capacity will never go below our current maximum according to the blurb. Passed the ground last week and had a good look around and the demolition work is well underway, so all bodes well thus far. But I also recall back in 1988, our home game v Coventry being postponed because the builders got it wrong and that was only the East stand being renovated

  • Hartley says:

    Anybody know when the dog Terry is actually due his “discaplinary” hearing? or is it now a police matter?

    • jim says:

      It’s still under investigation according to the paper.

      • lecoqhardi says:

        ‘Under investigation’? It happened weeks ago, they’ve got the (lack of) video evidence, witness statements, and Terry’s denial. What more do they need to bring or not bring a case? The Old Bill moves like the Ginger Pele turning to chase the latest forward to skip past him.

        • jim says:

          I know. Should have been executed days ago! At least a good bout of Bastinado.

        • Hartley says:

          “One thing I have always loved doing is playing football. I did it in the park with my friends when I was younger. It is what I dreamed of as a boy. No-one can ever take that away from me.”
          We’ll see about that!!

  • who framed ruel fox? says:

    Marvellous stuff, Harold.

    I was genuinely Lol-ing into my morning Ovaltine.

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