Date: 18th November 2011 at 9:00am
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Good morning.

We moan about the InterLull, but it’s actually been quite eventful. We discovered that football is Clan run and …I was told to remove my blog on those leaked online documents on & the by the .

Undaunted, here’s some more dirt for your delectation.

Karren Brady has been banging the hard done by drum with gusto for sometime now. But events in the High Court this week indicate that she may have something to complain about. Brady’s barristers believe that her telephone records were, ‘unlawfully obtained by subterfuge.’ 

At a time where phone hacking is revealed as having been quite commonplace and 100% distasteful –  as well as completely illegal – the public reaction toward this type of behaviour if proved, won’t be good. Nor ought it. need to come out of swinging here and distance themselves from activity that might place them in the public mind as feeding from the same trough as .

Tottenham appear to have smelt a rat in relation to the OS deal and engaged the services of PKF Forensic Accountants. What do they do for a living? Their site is here and so you can draw your own conclusions.

I can cope with a bit of rooting through dustbins, after all nobody’s very likely to phone you up out of the blue and tell you that they are up to no good. But this has all the hallmarks of something deeply unpleasant. West Ham have despite their poker faces been embarrassed by the revelation that – shall we say – the process’ waters were muddied. But does that give anyone who’s interested a green light to break the law? All we know so far is that 2 people were arrested in connection allegations of fraud/spying and both bailed.

Neither Tottenham nor their agents can hide behind a defence of, ‘yeah, but look what we found’ in this matter. Equally it will get very messy very quickly if the finger is pointing an accusing finger at PKF and suggesting that they overstepped the mark. This undoubtedly a shadowy world we’re getting a glimpse of here.  The case continues…