Did Forensic Accountants Illegally Obtain FaceLikeAKickedInFridge’s Phone Records?

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Good morning.

We moan about the InterLull, but it’s actually been quite eventful. We discovered that football is Clan run and …I was told to remove my blog on those leaked online documents on Arry & the CPS by the Metropolitan Police.

Undaunted, here’s some more dirt for your delectation.

Karren Brady has been banging the hard done by drum with gusto for sometime now. But events in the High Court this week indicate that she may have something to complain about. Brady’s barristers believe that her telephone records were, ‘unlawfully obtained by subterfuge.’ 

At a time where phone hacking is revealed as having been quite commonplace and 100% distasteful –  as well as completely illegal – the public reaction toward this type of behaviour if proved, won’t be good. Nor ought it. Tottenham need to come out of swinging here and distance themselves from activity that might place them in the public mind as feeding from the same trough as West Ham.

Tottenham appear to have smelt a rat in relation to the OS deal and engaged the services of PKF Forensic Accountants. What do they do for a living? Their site is here and so you can draw your own conclusions.

I can cope with a bit of rooting through dustbins, after all nobody’s very likely to phone you up out of the blue and tell you that they are up to no good. But this has all the hallmarks of something deeply unpleasant. West Ham have despite their poker faces been embarrassed by the revelation that – shall we say – the process’ waters were muddied. But does that give anyone who’s interested a green light to break the law? All we know so far is that 2 people were arrested in connection allegations of fraud/spying and both bailed.

Neither Tottenham nor their agents can hide behind a defence of, ‘yeah, but look what we found’ in this matter. Equally it will get very messy very quickly if the finger is pointing an accusing finger at PKF and suggesting that they overstepped the mark. This undoubtedly a shadowy world we’re getting a glimpse of here.  The case continues…

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  • nick the greek says:

    Good on Levy, he should have gone the whole hog and hired a hit man :-p

  • david says:

    Early days yet but does not look too clever.
    On the subject of the phone hacking I think everyone would agree that where it involved the Dowling family and other such cases it was clearly disgraceful.
    There are however a number of Z list celebs who seem to be milking this for all it is worth.
    If anyone wants to give me £50,000 for hacking my mobile they are more than welcome.

    • Tel says:

      So it’s ok to hack people’s phones, whatever it is they are discussing with others, as long as they are z-list celebs or not victims of crimes?

      Have a word mate

      If I found out it had happened to me I would be furious, but then I am lucky enough not to be in the public eye so they probably wouldn’t be interested in me sending bbm’s to the Mrs asking her to take the sausages out of the freezer cos I’ll cook em tomorrow…

      • david says:

        Shame you did not read my post properly.
        Where did I say it was ok to hack anyone’s phones ?
        What I said was I was fed up with it being milked by Z list celebs.
        The people who will do anything for a few seconds publicity and who are now screaming from the roof-tops in their quest for both publicity and compensation.

  • Hartley says:

    All Levy is guilty of is fighting fire with fire! The Spammers and the OPLC have been incredibly dodgy throughout the whole process. Our chairman has appointed an experienced third party to look into matters to perhaps even the scales a little and it seems that they may have taken certain questionable steps to gain the information required….Don’t know what the fuss is all about :hae: ;-)

  • essexian76 says:

    First up, we’re talking about millions of pounds in tax-payers money and also millions of Tottenham Hotspur’s. It was clearly evident to most of us that we as a club were being stitched up by all the parties and when we objected were then told by the courts that we were being paranoid. However subsequent events have proved that we were right all along and by the same token the law beakers in this charade were those who were going to benefit. If we were guilty of having to ‘underground’ to prove our case-So what!if what was happening was against the public interest and the law, then bringing this into the public domain has served its purpose. It seems strange how David Gold has backtracked in spectacular fashion after having to accept the track remains for 99 years! whereas the retention of the track was the key to West Ham winning the bid by a 12-0 clandestine vote. Job done as done as I’m concerned, however it’s been achieved

    • jim says:

      Spurs also hired the forensic accountants to find any possible fault/fraud of the bidding process, they did not order phone hacking. There is no 3rd party liability to hiring PI’s. They know the law.
      But harry does have a point we do need to put distance between us and the actions of PKF. Spurs will be called as a witness, i would imagine that is the time to do it.
      I mentioned on an earlier post West Ham are extremely worried about further exposure of monies passed (I Suspect HH knows more about this than I) . And this comes from a pal who works for them on occasion. He was the one who told me the OS was not “done and dusted, there’s more to come” when all signs were that it was. I’m not ITK but i believe he is (until proven otherwise).
      But as for the end result i totally agree, as far as Spurs are concerned, done and dusted.

      • essexian76 says:

        For me, I thought and posted an age ago that we were being stitched up and I couldn’t believe how the courts at the time failed to see what was actually happening. My own feelings are that this is an iceberg, and losing the bid is only the very tip of things to come. Also I don’t believe the OS is ‘done and dusted’ either, anymore than I think the NDP is although the demolition work is coming on nicely, but it’s now THFC’s land and a saleable asset (Dale Farm II) If PKF have used illegal methods to procure information on the clubs behalf then vicarious responsibility will surely bring damages against us, but knowing and proving are separate issues as we’ve had to discover ourselves by taking this alleged action, and thank heavens we allegedly did!

        • jim says:

          By “done and dusted,more to come” i meant the day before the bids were counted. Which i must admit didn’t really mean much to me. I still think (much the same as you) the OS site is far more attractive from a business and accessibility point of view. I also believe tradition and history is to be made, not just revered. The one thing for sure is, this Judge has his work cut out.

        • jim says:

          I’d piss myself laughing if the person who passed the phone accounts on was barry hearn!

        • essexian76 says:

          Well, Jim, I actually think you’re probably nearer the mark, as I wouldn’t put it past him to have ‘nudged’ the EU with that spurious ‘complaint’ about the Newham loan. But however it’s been highlighted, the fact remains the whole issue has been less than transparent from the outset and there’s an awful lot of miles in this yet. It was even better news for us, with Stratford getting the 2017 games as its at least another 5 years after the OG the track will have to remain in place. I’m completely resigned to us not getting Stratford now, but so long as we get a stadium up and running (excuse the pun)quickly then I couldn’t care less.. Arise Sir Barry I say!

        • SpurredoninDublin says:


          Again to criticise you, the complaint to the EU was not spurious.

        • Mr Gary Glitter says:

          No, you’re right, but I didn’t edit the word out after seeing it, I actually meant mysterious,clandestine or unidentifiable.

    • SpurredoninDublin says:


      I usually agree with most of your posts, but this time round, I can’t agree about the means justifying the ends.

      Since the smutty boys moved in, I have been less than impressed with the way they have conducted themselves. Frequently they have behaved like tinpot dictators who in order to distract the citizens from the mess they have created, start a war with their neighbours in order to unite the populace. If I were a Shammer, I would be screaming that the war is not with Spurs but out there on the pitch, but somehow or other, the Brady Bunch have managed to retain much of their popularity.

      However, fraud is something that would not surprise me at Wet Sham, but I think should be beneath us, regardless of what it comes up with.

      I’d be inclined to think that the phone records have not produced anything useful. If they had, I don’t think the Bimbo would be wanting to draw attention to them in such a public fashion.

      • essexian76 says:

        I think fraud is something that’s requires an element of proof before it can be levelled at Spurs, whereas the events that have taken us this far are clearly ‘unusual’ to say the least. Whether or not we’ve instructed the company in question to use cloak and dagger methods to entrap our competitors still remains to be seen, but my personal view is that we’ve tried using ‘legal’ means and methods, that in the end proved futile. You fight fire with fire in my book, but nothings been proved and our guilt still has to be proved. Equally, I feel this is all a deflection away from a major and much larger scale of impropriety and incompetence or perhaps even corporate fraud?

        • SpurredoninDublin says:

          Being a civil matter, the judge will make his decision on the balance of probabilities.

          Many of us may have a mindset that lawyers and accountants are frequently “dodgy” and given the right circumstances we might make a direct approach to suggest that they should do something illegal on our behalf, because that is what we think they do.

          We might even be correct, but these are educated people and they will be on their guard against “stings”, hidden tape recorders etc. So if such a proposal was made, any of them with any sense will automatically reply, “We don’t do that. That’s illegal”.

          It also works the opposite way insofar as people like Levy will not want to run the risk of there being a record of him suborning such activity.

          I am not entirely sure of what is happening in the High Court, and whether we are being sued, or are there as “amicus curia” (friend of the court) to defend our own interests, but I would be amazed if there was a smoking gun leading back to Levy. That is not to say that Levy couldn’t have known what was going on, only that I would credit both PKF and him with more sense than to risk the matter ending up on Youtube due to bugging.

  • DAVSPURS says:

    H.H. there is a saying if you’ve got newt to hide you’ve got newt to worry about. Levey should have used Mi6 to find out if the Barons used laundered money to by West Ham from the Birmingham deal. Are you telling me if i hid a camera in some of the teams dressing rooms and it showed they where using dodgy energy to up there tempo. Would this be wrong to expose it if the offending team beat Spurs and we lost our fourth spot by three points. The reason for saying this was because this happened last season but there was no camera just prior knowledge .I don’t agree with Phone hacking but detectives use technology methods too spy on love cheats Cameras are everywhere has Suares and Terry will agree we are guilty of exposing a wrong doing by wrong methods and if found guilty we should be fined.

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