Heaven Stent – The Pre Match Prattle

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Good morning.

Gambling has brought our family closer together. We’ve had to move to a smaller house. That may well be the closest you come to a grin on a Spurs blog today. The crew that’s representing in Mother Russia later on today doesn’t exactly have me on edge counting away the hours between now and 4 o’clock.

Deeds count, talk is cheap but Pav has been remarkably forthright for a footballer and actually spoken quite clearly about his intentions for January. He’s wants out. So whatever performance we get from him will be casually dismissed as a ‘shop window’ job. I can just see the wide and the worthy on the message boards now, ‘That’ll add a few more Roubles to his fee.’ Oh, the insight.

I took being a dinosaur on the chin when it turned out the bulk of our fan base don’t care about the Europa or indeed anything too much beyond the Championship and the Champions League, but the Pav element is yet another negative on today and football that is simply going through the motions isn’t football that inspires me very much.

The crew is likely to be comprised from this lot: Gomes, Cuddicini, Fredericks, Gallas, Bassong, Townsend, Falque, Pienaar, Livermore, Carroll, Livermore, Harry Kane with Defoe & Pav thrown on for bad behaviour.

In attempt to spice matters up I have this very morning sold everything I own and lumped on a draw.

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