Date: 26th November 2011 at 6:23pm
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Good evening.

Our former Chairman and No#1 Fan was Tweeting earlier this afternoon. He was like many of us… ‘Watching on a rouge sat channel.’

Mine was a rogue channel but come on – me pointing out a typo is like a …oh look, you know.

So well went the day. For long periods it was bloomin’ ropey. West Brom appeared not to have read the script and didn’t realise that the star is in the ascendant. Well it went but also a very tough gig. Anyone who ‘predicted’ it would be need not register for accreditation with the Royal Academy Of Psychics. What made the difference was our invention.

Adebayor, Manu, Ade… three words I know some still have a tough time embracing. But this is an emotional business and I think he’s a find. A diamond in the rough.

Yes, he ‘fluffed’ chances yet again today but the guy is ticking so many naffin’ boxes I’m struggling to do much more than admire the old girl. His attitude is spot on and his contributions to the cause so far have been superb. 

is fast becoming a guilty pleasure. I loathe so much of his play. There was ‘that’ moment in today’s rouge broadcast where he had in Clear And Present Danger -ous space. He shot, then looked across and said, ‘Wot me?’ But the goal was brilliant. You can’t fault how good his goal was. It was really good. 

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