‘Fewer Days To Christmas Than Previously Calculated’ Say Scientists

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The word lavish is bandied about a lot in the book business. Usually it relates to a book that has lots of pictures. Or one that has production values superior to your average pizza menu. Harsh, but tell me I’m wrong.

This book is lavish to degree whereby you might need to bite a pretty unpleasant bullet and decide if your coffee table is cool enough to handle it.

1537 grammes, 216 pages, 290mm by 230mm of hardback loveliness encased in a cloth covered slipcase. The content is courtesy of Doug Cheeseman, Martin Cloake & Adam Powley. The editorial team behind the Spurs Opus.

Created with the full co-operation of leading figures, including star player Cliff Jones, and the official approval of Tottenham Hotspur FC (coupled with unique access to the historical archives at White Hart Lane), this sensational publication will be the focal point of the club’s 1960/61 celebrations which will begin at the start of the 2010-11 season.

The result is quite simply an extraordinary book commemorating the 50th anniversary of Spurs’ famous League and Cup Double in 1961 – the first ‘Double’ achieved in the modern era of football.

The 1961 Double (winning the League and FA Cup) was the first in the modern era of football and was truly a remarkable feat given the competition the team faced that year. Unlike the current football scene anyone of 10 teams had a shot at winning the league, and every top-flight team fancied their chances of winning the FA Cup!

61? contains an amazing series of photographs from French magazine Miroir Sprint, who sent their chief correspondent and a photographer to cover Spurs’ Christmas Eve match against West Ham. The photos show everything from fans queueing to get into the Lane to the players relaxing afterwards with a game of snooker.

Look at your coffee table, and if you feel you’re both ready…

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