Date: 16th November 2011 at 10:16am
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Good morning.

& Co have announced their intentions to de-list from the Alternative Investment Market. So what does this actually mean? If I could predict the future I’d be tipperty tapping this on my yacht. But I’ll give you my interpretation at what’s shaking.

First up I’ll guess that most of you reading this either own no shares (like me) or a token ‘one’ for souvenir purposes. Well you have two choices here. You can keep the certificate as permanent souvenir forever – it is after all yours, or you can effectively sell it back to THFC. The costs of trading one or a very small quantity of shares may prove prohibitive, so the Club are nobly effecting the Nil Cost Dealing Facility which does what it says on the tin. This will run from November 21st to January 11th.

The de-listing requires in excess of 75% of the share holders to vote in favour of doing so. This will happen.

So why is this happening? In simple terms the Board have made an intelligent decision as it knows the immediate future of the business is going to be shall we say quite dynamic financially. The Stock Market hasĀ been as flat as roadkill for some time and after what I would imagine were protracted discussions with potential investors the decision to allow the Board greater flexibility in negotiations was made.

What now? Well in simple terms this move makes the takeover by villains far, far easier. The club is financially stable, but isn’t in a position to charge ahead with the NPD under its own steam. The good news is obvious. Tottingham are a good bet for the future both on the pitch and in the Boardroom. The brand has massive value. The potential is equally massive, but the launch of a new stadium project just needs that extra boost to make it happen.