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I’m genuinely fighting the urge to declare this game a non event before a ball is kicked. The previous leg Top 10’d in the World’s Worst Games Of Football Ever™ with several fans who made the journey finding themselves nominated for Nobel Laureats. 

We’ve been here before. I bemoan the team selection providing entertainment and value for money in the process alienating a good few readers and those who don’t give a monkey’s how I see it remind anyone who’s still bothering to read that it’s great to see the kids given a run out.

Word is that ticket sales have been suspended for security and safety reasons. This precaution might well be explained by a sizable number of Greek fans bellowing ‘Gowaaaanmysan!’ rather than any traffic backing up from Gatwick.

The game is on 2005hrs GMT on Channel 5 and if you’re watching anywhere else in the world… this arrangement will be unaffected. 


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