Positive Quotes At Last From Modders?

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Good morning.

Well done to all who took part in the caption competition and my apologies to Aaron Knell’s missus who was woken up in the small hours by him laughing at the captions.  ltrftp won, by the way.

The boy with the Chicken Badge allergy himself, SuperLukaNutsAreWe provided a couple of lines to Sky Sports after the Villa game on Monday night.

“We needed some fresh blood in our team, Scotty and Manu came in. They are great players. They have improved our squad a lot and you can see that on the pitch.

“Now we are in third we have hard games coming up so we just have to keep fighting for each other and keep this momentum up.”

Not to be confused with a oath to name his first born daughter Weststandia, but an improvement on the old ‘raunchy president’ sketch that took the wind out of all our sails not to long ago.

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  • Sid Trotter says:

    15th – Modric will love who is winning. I love those that are sinning. Nutters love those that are grinbning and Liverpudlians love those that are binning.

    Should we be surprised? I cannot see him moving on in January – because he wants to win things – last January and July when things were quiet he didnt see the promises of new signings matched with the deeds. But now he does. ale is my concern for next summer.

    Also my gout

    • BobbySpur says:

      Luka will be here after January. At the moment he’s on fire, so what was 40m before must be 50-60m now. Nobody will pay that kind of cash. If we can keep this up and finish 4th or even third ( hell, why not 2nd?!) then he has no reason to leave in the summer. Look what’s happened to Torres? Hardly the most successful transfer. What’s more pressing is the loss of Adebayor. Unless he falls in love with Spurs and drops his wages he won’t be around next season. Back to playing Pav or Defoe as a lone striker and there goes a hatfull of goals. Pav must have printed his boarding card already so we have a space to bring in a replacement. Damiao or Llorente maybe? Just somebody to convince the likes of Modders and Bale that we mean business and The Lane is the only place they want to be right now.

  • kojac says:

    money always talks in the end and unfortunately when it comes down to the long term we just cannot compete with the super clubs of europe and with platinin pulling up the money drawbridge we never will unless we have a bigger stadium and start winning titles and cups

    it is almost life and death in football terms where we finish in the next couple of seasons,we need to stay in the limelight and amazingly we are capable of doing it if we can keep adding a couple of top top players here and there

    on supa luka you have to hand it to Levy,if anyone was going to take 40m you’d think it was him,in the end the manager and the fans thought just take the money and move on but levy kept him and it was important he did

    • Bruxie says:

      He did a great job.

      In order to keep our best players we need to stay above those who are sniffing around.

      To do that we need a couple of top, top players in Jan.

      Cahill, another LB to add to A&E, and a GK for next season.

      Buy in Jan for a bargain or two and a period for them to bed in.

      • kojac says:

        i agree,we need to keep getting in quality somehow and staying in third will do the job,even though that will be very difficult but we need top 4 more than the others because our status isn’t as high,muscling in right now will cause major headaches for someone else,haha,so i hope we can fo it

    • SpurredoninDublin says:

      I think DL is frequently misunderstood. There are plenty who say that his agenda is to sell us on for megabucks. If we believe that, then it follows that a team with star players such as Bale and Modric can only add to the resale value.

      It’s a contradiction that DL has a long term plan and that can be achieved by selling our best players. We made a tidy profit from the sale of both the Vulgarian and PSB, but look what the after effects were. I think DL learned a lot from that and if Berbatov was agitating for a move today, I think DL would handle it a lot differently

      • Tel says:

        There is a difference though, Modric is a true professional and will give his all in every game – Berbatov was causing a stink and unsettling the team. IMO berbs had to go. I was actually sick of the sight of him a good couple of weeks before the deal finally went through.

        Modders on the other hand – if that went through I literally would have soiled my undies and cried all the way home

        • SpurredoninDublin says:

          There were many of us who felt the same way about Lucre, and felt that if we didn’t take the money we might be saddled with another Berbatov. What would Berbatov have done if he was still here at the end of th transfer window? Who knows? He might well have done the same as Lucre.

          The good thing is that DL gambled and won.

        • Tel says:

          Amen to that, my Dublin based chum :daumen: :angel:

  • essexian76 says:

    I shan’t be happy until a new deals in place, if indeed there’s one in the offing.Another window of Chelsea inspired disruption would make for an awful Christmas period. As for Modric’s quotes, I like the constant use of the word ‘We’, for me that implies unity and a mental commitment to the cause.

    • Bruxie says:

      I’m optomistic that Chelsea will need more than a Modric to get their mojo back.

      They need defenders and strikers – and will have to spend big to get them.

      I don’t think they will have the £40m needed for Modric and also pay big money to replace or plan to replace Terry, Alex, Drogba, Torres, Anelka, Lampard and some of their deadwood.

      Granted, I think they will get some money back for Torres – but not £50m.

      The big danger is ManU.

      • Bruxie says:

        Optimistic, even!

        • essexian76 says:

          Can you see DL doing business with United?, I’d be amazed myself after the Berbatov transfer in 2008, but of course money talks, but actually we’re in a stronger position now than in August! I couldn’t face another two months of speculation and the media goading HR to put his foot in his mouth.

      • SpurredoninDublin says:

        Selling a player is a bot like selling the house you live in, for all the money you might get, you still have to buy a new one to live in.

        There is no player in the world that is priceless and cannot be bought, but if we accept £50 mill each for the likes of Bale and Lucre, we will probably have to spend that on their replacements, as well as smashing the wage structure. I think that after what happened following the sale of Berbatov and Keane, if DL were to sell a player, it ould be on the basis that there is an adequate replacement already here.

        • essexian76 says:

          In all the years I’ve supported Spurs, I cannot recall ever seeing a team as complete as this one I’ve seenthe Greaves and Gilzean’s, but that side only ever finished 6ish, with a few cup runs. Then in the seventies we had the Chivers-Peters, but again 6ish and some great cup runs Now we’ve a solid team with great back-up and a youth side to be proud of-all built from within and it’ll be a crying shame if we’re forced to sell it because of an inability to finance the players demands and to realise their ambitions. Having a bigger and better stadium in itself isn’t the answer, it’s how that stadium’s financed that’s the key. This side can go places and is young enough to maintain success, but King and Friedel must be replaced sooner rather than later and a decent striking option/s in place before the start of next season. Losing Modric in the coming window would be catastrophic, because it’ll say to the likes of Bale, Sandro and Walker that we cannot ever be considered consistently to be a big club and they’ll move on to obtain success.

      • sybrian says:

        why would he want to go to Chelsea now?? Even at Manure he wouldn’t play every week!!!

        • SpurredoninDublin says:

          Unless it’s a player like VDV, I don’t think playing every week when you might be able to triple your wages for benchwarming comes into it.

        • essexian76 says:

          60K a week more than we’re offering, even with an improved deal. Personally, I don’t think Modric is anything like Berbatov but if we keep closing the gap on the Sky Five, then hopefully ambition and a sense of history will overcome any financial limitations, but that’s from a fans perspective of course!

    • SpurredoninDublin says:

      The only trouble with a new contract is that Lucre has a habit of signing contracts (10 yrs and 6 yrs) and then deciding a year later that he wants to move.

  • girlie3 says:

    What was the winning caption? :)

  • SpurredoninDublin says:

    I understand that at the moment Lucre is on £40k per (£2 mill pa)week, and that this will rise to £100k (£5 mill) if we qualify for the CL.

    I have to admire the shrewdness of Levy on this deal. If we qualify for the CL, it means at least £800k extra in prize money from the PL, and gthere is a guaranteed €3.5 mill for qualifying for the CL, even if we are then dumped into the EL group stages.

    The deal means that DL will not have to find any new money. I think this should be an example to all other clubs and I would dearly love to see players salaries consisting mainly of “performance related” payments.

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