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Good evening.

The team picks itself which is to say as Van der Vaart is injured we don’t have to wait for 65+ minutes for Arry to launch Sandro and we get him from the start. A Pathe News Boy and Sandro combo should put the mockers on the Baggies having any crazy plans of ploughing through our middle.

And at the risk of championing a man doing good deeds this looks every inch like a great opportunity for Ade to get more goals under his Togoan belt. 

What of West Brom?

Well, they are ticking over quite nicely thanks awfully I guess is how even their sternest critic would view it. They’re 10th in the league and 7th in the form table.

At this risk of pointing out the bleedin’ obvious, we’ve  still got a game in hand at as we sit 3rd and it would be really nice not to cash that in at the naffin’ Hawthorns.

We’ve a run of bums between now and Chelsea on the 22nd of Chelsea.  Bolton then Stoke then Sunderland.  Let’s welcome the Chavs with a safety net, eh?

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