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Good afternoon.

This has been niggling me for a while and as Frank Spencer’s mother did say, ‘A trouble shared is a trouble doubled.’ So tell me this. When we play at The Cottage on Sunday – where do you stand on the whole ‘I love Martin Jol’ song thing?

I think it’s a given that it’ll get an airing. Difficult to imagine it won’t. BMJ will be remembered as a deeply lovable chap, no two ways about it, but it doesn’t sit quite right that what was a great song will be rolled out too frequently given that he is …er …no longer our manager. Or am I just being miserable?

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As highly trained medical staff across the globe attempt to lure Tottingham fans out of a Europa induced coma a great opportunity to have some fun at the expense of someone else. This snap & suggestion come courtesy of highly esteemed reader, Fatfish. 

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  • Me Again says:

    First 2. Personally I wouldn’t sing it at all, but maybe once just to say hello. But that’s it then, Harry Redschnapps B&WA after that (in the absence of a better song to sing about him).

    Better not sing ‘going down, going down’ at Fulham – might be construed the wrong way though.

  • nutterbastardyid says:

    Hes got no hair but we don’t care blah blah blah.

  • Sing it as often as we like as long as we’re winning.

  • Jol 5:5 says:

    I hope that we turn up on Sunday. That FA Cup exit thanks to Hutton, Dawson et al still feels sore. I think old BMJ has got a few forwards finding form – especially AJ.
    One song for Martin and the rest of the day singing tributes to one J Terry. Are they doing jail sentences for slow-downed centre backs or for cricketers only? Going down JT, going down.

  • elviswasaspursfan says:

    I’ve got a headache. Do Platt.

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