‘We’ll Agree An Amicable Farewell’

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Good morning.

It’s Corluka talking to the Daily Mail. 

Redknapp chose Walker and doesn’t see me in the defence, so it is logical to sit round the table and agree an amicable farewell. I will talk to people in the next few days.

‘I don’t have the will again to wait months for a chance, to fight for a position when I see that the coach has other ideas.’

Walker hasn’t been perfect, but he has been a step up on Corluka. Charlie started off brightly and you’ll recall that there was a decent mumble on City forums that he was decent chap and would be missed when he joined us.

His early showings were promising. There was a certain self assured manner about him. But that didn’t last long and chancers like me started comparing his athleticism with that of pantomime horse’s. 

His undoing was his total predictability. Like Begbie before him he made the same runs up the wing and largely achieved nothing very memorable with them. 

But I say this. If he’s on what, the wrong end of £30k a week and cannot be bothered to earn the right to play – then he might want to dwell upon the wisdom of announcing this to any prospective purchasers.

Stupid boy.



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  • Hughdunit says:

    Número Uno

    Surplus to requirements and for mine can go… Walker is the future and we still have the other Kyle as a backup don’t we?

    • SpurredoninDublin says:

      The reviews about Naughton are a bit “hit and miss”. Apparently Darius Vassel frequently leaves him for dead in training.

      • Hughdunit says:

        Darius “70’s Porno Mo” Vassell leaves him standing??? Farak, how about we do a ***** and leave him there?

        Then again I seem to remember we were asking similar questions about Walker a season or two ago… Something along the lines of why did we shell out for the two Kyles during our infatuation with right backs days… Amazing what a season or two can do…

        • SpurredoninDublin says:

          I think that for what we paid for the pair of them, we are well in front just from Walker. It did seem a bizarre deal at the time when we had both Charlie and Hutton.

      • Heath Spur says:

        Naughton is on loan at Norwich whilst Vassell plays for Leicester doesn’t he? Why do they train together?

    • TinTin says:

      He was hopeless for Norwich against Arsenal, a boy against men, he has a long way to go before he can be considered as back up. A purchase may have to be made in January.

  • Gilbo says:

    Numero Two-no?

    Charlie is great with the ball at his feet, but has no pace whatsoever. Walker is the way.

  • Hartley says:

    Walker for me can also be used as back up for Lennon, Charlie is worth holding on to for his adaptability as he can also play in the centre when required. Saying all that though, if he really can’t be bothered fighting for his place then move him along and bring in someone who can…I would cut my right arm off for the chance to play for Spurs and expect the same from our players….but then again I’m old school…..LOL ^^

  • SpurredoninDublin says:

    The way Kaboul is playing, and as we seem to be getting past the CCC (Curse of the Cockerel Centrebacks), he can always double up at RB for Walker if needs be.

    Got to agree with HH, when he first joined us, he looked like the only player that was firing on all cylinders, but watching his more recent performances, he looks like someone has added lead to his boots.

  • stu spur dooper says:

    Not to mention he is perhaps the only defender in pro football to state “i don’t like to head the ball”

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