Date: 29th November 2011 at 9:31am
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Good morning.

It’s talking to the Daily Mail. 

chose Walker and doesn’t see me in the defence, so it is logical to sit round the table and agree an amicable farewell. I will talk to people in the next few days.

‘I don’t have the will again to wait months for a chance, to fight for a position when I see that the coach has other ideas.’

Walker hasn’t been perfect, but he has been a step up on Corluka. started off brightly and you’ll recall that there was a decent mumble on City forums that he was decent chap and would be missed when he joined us.

His early showings were promising. There was a certain self assured manner about him. But that didn’t last long and chancers like me started comparing his athleticism with that of pantomime horse’s. 

His undoing was his total predictability. Like before him he made the same runs up the wing and largely achieved nothing very memorable with them. 

But I say this. If he’s on what, the wrong end of £30k a week and cannot be bothered to earn the right to play – then he might want to dwell upon the wisdom of announcing this to any prospective purchasers.

Stupid boy.