What Was Modders Whispering To Arry?

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Good afternoon.

The player Arry Redschnapps was  willing to trade in using the Jack & The Beanstalk Business Model for ‘some players’ was at the centre of a full on man hug explosion pitch-side, Monday night. 

“Luka was fantastic, him and Scott Parker have been outstanding together, I love Luka, I love the way he plays his football and he’s an absolutely top-class professional and a great guy.”

The winner of this caption competition wins a copy of my local Chinese take-away menu, The Bird’s Nest. This menu is a veritable tour de force of competitively priced cuisine available for collection or delivery. You’re in charge at The Bird’s Nest. 

The myriad of choice will leave you reeling. Kung Po, OK Sauce  and Squid dishes are only trumped by a Desert listing that specifies two items. ‘Any Can Of Soft Drink’ and ‘Banana Fritter With Honey.’

Focus your mind and this precious item could be yours to keep.

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  • Hartley says:

    HR, Well played son, you were triffic! What’s your name again?
    LM, My name is Luka, I live on the second floor…
    KB, FFS, one of them can’t remember what day it is and the other is learning English through his feckin ipod….

    • essexian76 says:

      Luka-Tank you boss for de new deeel, is it here?”
      HR- “No, you little scamp, that’s my pacemaker, Bondies got it, ain’t ya Kev?”
      KB “Yeah, ‘Arry-right ‘ere!”

  • ltrftp says:

    Harry: that’s it Luka me old son, keep playing like that and I promise you’ll have your family back in no time.

    Luka: I wish he wouldn’t hug me with a stiffy

    Guy in the background: nobody ever remembers my f***** name..

  • Jools says:

    Luka: what is that cologne ? it’s very attractive.

    Harry: eau de hotspur tiger, will suit you my turtle dove. usually a ton – yours for a macaroni.

    Kevin: joe pays a monkey and still aunt nell’s like a camel’s hump.

  • Harry Hotspur says:

    Modders: I’ve got to earn more money
    Arry: I’ve got you babe
    Bondy: That’s nothing, I’ve got jaundice.

  • ant says:

    HR: Luka… i am your father!!
    LM: Daddy!!

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