A Hitch Hikers Guide To Dublin

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Good afternoon.

Shamrock Rovers away it is then and a small but hardy gang of Lillywhites will be braving airports various and venturing towards a destination the natives call… Tallaghtfornia.

Dublin has considerable charms but these have been tarnished somewhat by the phenomenal financial drain of the city even to a visitor attempting to keep to the most modest of budgets. 

I used to live there and am a frequent visitor to this day, so there’s no malice from me just based upon a long weekend that went wrong. It’s horrifically expensive across the board.

You’re all adults and getting to the stadium is your own business – but on taxis – should you step into one, make sure that you know where you are going. A considerable percentage of city center taxi men are, shall we say, not Irish. So if you know the postcode of your destination, I’d humbly suggest you have it to hand for the old Sat Nav.

Pre and post the game you may wish to seek out something to eat and drink. I would recommend Zaytoon which has branches both in Lr Camden St and Parliament St. Rotten for vegetarians I’m afraid, but super reliable high class Persian kebabs fare. Not cheap, but bloody nice and you can sit down in decent surroundings.

Temple Bar is rubbish. If you haven’t experienced it and wish to enjoy it’s many splendid ‘things’ then I shan’t even attempt to coax you round. Good luck, God bless.

Not too far across town however is Dawson Street where Cafe En Seine and Samsara lay in wait. These two gems are not only nice buildings to be in but actually populated by decent local types. There’s a pair of really good food options in this road too.

For Pizza, Milano is essentially Pizza Express by another moniker and if you want something very very nice indeed, then look no further than Fire at The Mansion House which more or less is opposite the bars previously listed.

If you need use of an Internet cafe, their are a good few as one would expect in a city center, the arguably most central is Global on O’Connell Street. 

Aside from make sure that you wear clean pants in case you get case run over, I think that’s it. Hopefully it’s of some small use. Of course, it would be better if readers were to add their own thoughts.


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