Date: 2nd December 2011 at 10:29am
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Good morning.

We’re on a run of league form that the most informed critics are describing  as third best in the . Bolton by contrast have been bobbing about doing very little right.

Owen Coyle was if you recall correctly being tipped for greatness at one point. He was also being lined up by some as Aunty Wenger’s successor. So what went wrong? Well the Trotters can’t pin their dismal form on the whole ‘will she won’t she’ cloud hanging over Cahill’s head, that’s for sure.

Cahill’s alright but he’s no world beater. Another competent so overpriced Englishman. He’s not their David Silva nor their Luka . No, Coyle’s been found out as a very average manager with a few almost half good players who lack not only real talent but the brains God gave them. If they can pull it off, they should flog Cahill for whatever the market will stand and 

A singular word of caution on the Trotters is that whilst they have only won 3 games they hammered those that they beat. Could they hammer us? My conservative guess would be ‘not bloody likely.’

The team sheet should hold no surprises. Brad, King, PNB, , , Manu and anyone else who fancies it.

The The will be full of Client Reference numbers expecting to be entertained. Tottingham have yet to wallop anyone themselves this season apart from and one can’t help but feel this is a golden opportunity to deliver a walloping. 

Prediction 5-1.