Date: 12th December 2011 at 5:21pm
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Good afternoon.

After the whole Chris Foy business yesterday there has been much online guffawing at supporters over that fact that some cyclist bloke called Chris Hoy had become hilariously involved in a typo driven piece of confusion.

But what wasn’t made clear is that Arsenal and dummies played a more than helping hand in matters.
I feel that I’ve embraced the whole gig. I mean I even managed to ruffle David Baddiel’s feathers earlier today so I’m certainly going in the right direction.

The social media network went relatively bonkers this morning with #chrishoysuddenly trending and #foynothoy one doing the same.

The content of the Tweets that included these hashtags were of course predictable fare. The words, illiterate, and fans all being heavily incorporated. So I thought I’d have a look at what actually happened. And here is what I discovered.

There were only actually 11 instances of the typo hashtag being used.
3 are Arsenal fans, 2 are fans, 3 are Tottenham, 1 is an AFC Wimbledon, 1 is an XBOX gaming drone and just the one was a cycling fan. Bless him.

So well done to Arsenal for sharing the thicko crown and a special mention to the city boys for an honorable third.

Sadly some comments from inbred Gooners and less than articulate Citeh fans have required that the comment box is now closed on this particular blog.

JonnyOneill Jonny 

@dot2dotman: did arsenal unveil a Chris Hoy statue along side the one of wenger touching the little boy yesterday? #coys #chrishoy” Genius

kevinpadilla01 Kevin Padilla 

amo a #chrishoy
terry putman  FAN

dot2dotman terry putman 

did arsenal unveil a Chris Hoy statue along side the one of wenger touching the little boy yesterday? #coys #chrishoy
Dom Lockyer X BOX FAN

DomOnline_ Dom Lockyer 

#ChrisHoy … What a cnut!
Robert Crouch  FAN

R0BCR0UCH Robert Crouch 

Game should of had 2 more penalties 4 spurs. And Ade’s goal was fucking onside! #chrishoy should never ref again.I get why #cfc were pissed!
jake chadwick ARSENAL FAN

chadders123 jake chadwick 

how much are stoke paying you #chrishoy
Sheikh Fofanah ARSENAL FAN

Sheikhavellie Sheikh Fofanah 

#ChrisHoy Is The Definition Of A Shit Referee!
Geoff Champion  FAN

ChampsyDiscoWiz Geoff Champion 

@premierleague watching the stoke game, worst refereeing I have seen. Get replays assisting refs #chrishoy


aarongibbons Aaron Gibbons 

wow this has to be some of the worst officiating i’ve seen in a long time #chrishoy

Benjamin Raby  FAN

benjimanraby Benjamin Raby 

And linesmanning? RT @rabyadam_mcfc: Great reffing #chrishoy #thfc #scfc


rabyadam_mcfc Adam Raby 

Great reffing #chrishoy #thfc #scfc

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