Best Spurs New Years Resolution Wins £50

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Good evening avid reader. And sorry to wake you up.

This should be good. Aside from which, it’s inspired by the delectable thing that is @louise_s_page. Other unpaid Ad spot quotes for hot bruntettes upon request available.

Here’s the gig. You are a Spurs related person. You share your New Years Resolution. You might be the most brilliantest.

You could be Jermaine J****, or Modders or van der Vaart, the Boy Bale or even Arry. Heck, you could be David Pleat. Good golly missus, you may opt to be Timmy Sherwood.

But what we want is the persona you chose to demonstrate – via your very own brilliant wit and comedic wisdom’s New Year Resolution – f u n n y.

The funniest New Years Resolution wins £50’s worth of Vision Sports Publishing books. Fifty quid!


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  • to back harry and dan the man no matter what :happy: :heart:

  • oh and to laugh at people who still havent realised how good the boy bale is 8O

  • Yidvito says:

    to get somewhere near the first team AND score a goal so I can get rid of this fucking great big afro on my bonce.

    love, Thudd.

  • edspur says:

    Ratboy “I promise to like chicken badge”

  • Hartley says:

    When approached by men with microphones this new year, I’m going to decline to comment…..triffic

    • jim says:

      Clutching at straws i’m afraid Harts old chap.

      • Hartley says:

        It would be nice though wouldn’t it Jim?

        • jim says:

          It would be wonderful mate. But i think the sensible money would be on Jimmy Savile running another marathon. I trust you saw through the Festive season in good health buddy?

        • Hartley says:

          As it happens….No! Started on Christmas eve with man flu, and finished off with an absess behind one of my back teeth. Emergency dentist yesterday and antibiotics for New Years Eve so should be a good one! How about you? ;-)

        • jim says:

          Sorry to hear that.I was away staying with family and realised why i left in the first place. Back home now, so relaxed and just about to reach for the bottle. I’m looking forward to the game tonight, reckon Newcastle might pip this one. Hope your feeling better mate. :daumen:

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