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Good morning. 

Max Boyce, Timothy Dalton, T E Lawrence, Sian Lloyd, Ruth Madoc, Harry Secombe, Laura Ashley, Shakin’ Stevens, Tommy Cooper, Roger Glover, Lloyd George can you hear me?!!!

Practically of course that would present a myriad of obstacles on so many levels. But I fancied a war cry.

After the performance at Carrow Road one would guess that Arry has our fearless lads not to get ahead of themselves, but this is very much for the taking.

Brendan Rodgers will be getting his lot organised as best he can to deal with the obvious danger areas. Gareth Bale’s left foot and Gareth Bale’s right foot.

Swansea are not a bad gang. The pass well. They keep the ball on the floor. An area they are short in however is attack. But defensively the Liberty Stadium is pretty fortress like. Only 3 goals conceded there so far. Mmmn. Three.

Team news? Defoe & King could be involved. 

Prediction: Not liking their defensive record. Not one bit.  Oh stuff it. We’re playing like Kings. Well, minor royals with a spring in their step. 0-2. The scoreline of champions.

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