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Good afternoon.

You can’t order a cheese roll and when you get a sirloin by mistake moan you about the absence of a steak knife. 

And if you hear a more convoluted analogy than that in your life, be sure to let me know. THFC went into that game tactically inept to play a decent side. THFC were quite vocal about the Mickey Mouse nature of the Europa. THFC chuckled quietly as they priced tickets for the Europa. THFC trod a fine line between fact and fiction prior to banking Invetec’s cheque.

So whining over this loss isn’t something you’re going to catch me doing. What we lacked was …our first team against a side that weren’t rubbish who ….decided to field theirs.

I routinely wish Levy & Co well but in this was a mistake and one that will hover around like the rectal gas of a pensioner living on diet of nothing but cabbage soup.

Great to see the kids get a run out. Yeah right. If that was the mission statement then how come we fielded a botch job of a team? You can’t have it both ways (that’s what she said).

You field are full squad or you field the kids. Unless you’re Manchester United. Or Arsenal when they are going through the gears which at this moment in time they are not.

Oh so I geddet, Aitch – you’re blaming Arry. The best man manager Mao Tse Tung! Well, he’s …the m a n a g e r  or did someone else pick the team?

So wot abaht our brave boys having to play twice a week? Talk to Jimmy Greaves, sweetheart. He treated himself to new knees in his 69th year from money he never earned from kicking a ball.


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  • johnhalloween says:

    Livermore was very poor. Perhaps he cuts his cheese roll with a spoon and wasnt prepared for a steak-knife

  • IoanX says:

    Harry’s tactics look too naïve when he has to face old foxes of the game like Mourinho and Boloni.
    We shouldn’t forget also that PAOK has only 3 defeats in his last 25 European games and the club stands one place (35) behind Spurs (34) in the IFFHS world club ranking list of November.

  • Flames O'Toole says:

    Twas a funny game…..Charloos pretending to be a vinger, Bassoon playing want away chords and Gallows in 4th drop. Harrous Redrap me thinks is secretly harbouring glad tidings that the end act is soon to be played and then the final curtain of the competition coming down. Thank fluck floor dat!

    Three big guns by Evening song Saturday and all of last night tragedy will be consigned to the shit house.

  • al granville says:

    You’re right on this one. Harry should have either picked the second string team or put out the full first team.
    That said, the opposition defended like Lions-come to think of it that’s a silly thing to say,Lions don’t defend they attack-and deserved to win. I was also pleased to see the sporting rapport between their manager and Harry, and their fans were tremendous.
    It’s not the end of the world, lets just pick up and annhilate Bolton on Saturday

    • SpurredoninDublin says:

      The only rude awakening that we had to suffer was that we do not appear to have the strength in depth that we thought we had.

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