Guess Who’s In Waterstone’s This Saturday?

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Good afternoon.

With Christmas fast approaching, now’s the perfect time to treat the Spurs fan in your life to an extra special gift. And who better to sign it than the legendary Cliff Jones?

The Welsh wizard – a lynchpin of the all-conquering Spurs side of the 60s – will be signing copies of the award–winning ’61: The Spurs Double’ at a special Tottenham Hotspur book signing this Saturday. For those on a tighter budget, he’ll also be signing ‘The Pocket Book of Spurs’ too.

Come and meet a true Spurs great from 11am this Saturday (the 10th) at Waterstones in Enfield.

If you can’t make it to the store on the day then you can contact them on 0843 290 8317 to place a reservation.

For more info on both books please visit the Vision Sports Publishing homepage at

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  • Sid Trotter says:

    1st – place in the queue?

    I believe Mr Cliff was much a better dribbler than that like-named Richards geezer – who could only drive a bus. To a country. WHich he has obviously bankrupt.

    Books – will you turn the pages – and are their any pictures?

  • mus says:

    harry come the there i give the punch you in the belly you forgive me the computer virus from the fakin too much advert

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Wot in me Roger Melly?

      you need to stup using Turkish laptops make.

    • KevTheRev says:

      Mus, you forget to punch one Harry with virus no computer to be you to be me there is one with talk advert only funny but no is spurs. Love you fella me much do make.

    • Razspur says:

      you gettin` HTTP error 504, feckinell Arry what`s occurring, Proxy Server Timeouts nothe wonder mus the belly punchings, at least no strongelling you yet, adverts over the top, comments no load.

    • Phil McAvity says:

      Fakinel make I strongle that compooter virus til it ded make.

  • McG says:

    Anyone know how long Leds is out for??

  • Gilbo says:

    Jenas? Oh… there’s an article too. thought the headline was a competition.

    Gilbo out.

  • Razspur says:

    Cliff comes in at #7 in my all time Spurs top 20. He had an awesome burst of speed not unlike a certain Welsh winger of todays team.
    My first live European night was when Dad took me to WHL for Tottenham v Gornik Zabre, 4-2 down from the away leg, we won 8-1 that night and Cliff scored a hat-Trick in the first half, the atmosphere should have been bottled and let out slowly over the last 50 years, i was 9 years old.

    • essexian76 says:

      My first ever game at the Lane, my Dad detested football, but living so close to the ground, I wanted to see for myself why loads of people painted themselves blue and white and carried live chickens to this place that illuminated the darkness over yonder. I was passed down through a cloud of smoke and placed by the ABC boards, but alas my only memory of that night was being so shocked how green the grass was! but I was seven and hooked from then on, although my old man hated every minute of the experience and never failed to remind me in later years.

      • Razspur says:

        I was walked off my feet by Dad and uncle Willie, the A55 (Austin Cambridge) must have been parked a mile and a half away, but i was up for it, on their shoulders most of the time. The lights, the atmosphere,the game and the Glory. Maybe we just get too much football today to enjoy it to that extent.

        • essexian76 says:

          My only other recollection is the smell of horseshit and chestnuts. Still have that same knotting in the stomach every game, especially when we play the Goons, but it’s probably why I get so arsey when some forget it’s a game played by two teams and can hinge on an injury or bad ref, a coat of paint or a great goalkeeping display.

        • Razspur says:

          The men smoked Players and Senior Service, i had a bottle of Mirinda (now called Fanta) and sucked a fisherman`s friend.

        • Spurstacus says:

          Leave it Hartley!! :-) :angel:

        • Hartley says:

          Sucked a fishermans friend………….
          I’m saying nowt…….bloody spoil-sport…. ^^

        • essexian76 says:

          Were we playing Grimsby away?

        • McG says:

          Can remember my first game well, was Gary Linekers last home game for us. We went three up and a certain Mr Beardsley popped up with a 2nd half hat trick, finished three a piece. Bought some farewell Gary Lineker peanuts and always wished I’d kept the packet!

        • essexian76 says:

          You could’ve marketed them, instead of those bloody overpriced crisps, just think we could be playing in the McG stadium?

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