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Good morning.

Where to start? Well it was by and large a great game. And as the first coffee of the day works its magic the frustrations of last night are ebbing away…It was a well earned point against a side that any bookmaker will tell you are genuine title contenders. We aren’t genuine contenders.

There were essentially three phases to the game. The really good bit at the beginning, the collapse after that bit and then the desperate battle against evil …and Howard Webb.

 8.042 If accusing a goal keeper of being lucky is a criticism then call me Brad and get me to a casino. One tip top save and another that saw Sturridge make a spectacular clearance. 

 6.000 Underwhelming. Pace to burn, blah blah blah but I’d really like to see him working on his defending. Moving forward he actually reminds me of a speedier version of Bentley. Less haircut, more football please.

 7.081 A low key, intelligent enough performance. Arry clearly picked him and King for their collective experience, but there was something about this ‘on paper’ supremely solid pairing that didn’t quite transmit onto grass.

 7.079 Looked sluggish. Play to the whistle is a tedious phrase to be hurling at a man of his stature but the sight of him waving at a linesman who wasn’t waving back at him was pitiful. At this level, there’s no room for that nonsense.

 6.008 For their goal he was a postcode away from his man. Unacceptable. Elsewhere his passing on the floor was routinely outstanding, yet his passing in the air turned possession into a 50/50 ball we invariably failed to win. Must do better.

 6.784 He appeared to not quite understand what his role was. I certainly didn’t quite understand what his role was. In possession we didn’t get enough of his stellar game changing passes. Without the ball he looked like J****.

 8.909 A soldier. Out and out marine. It was his determination that sparked the move that made the goal. His will and application makes him more valuable than money. The energy levels were immense. Man Of The Match.

 7.654 This wasn’t a game for him to be making any forays forward. Being in the thick of it is where he should be in games like this. The PNB/Sandro/Modric strategy looked scruffy and only Sandro managed to come out of it in a good light.

 7. 832 Marauding forwards he’s a weapon. One of the finest players in the Premiership, in Europe even. Defensively though he was poor.  It sounds like I’m being petty but we need to see these guys demonstrate they know that you build a team from the back forwards.

 7.897 Fantastic poacher stylee goal but it is his complete unselfishness that routinely impresses me. The yellow wasn’t so much, but the endless attempts by Terry & Co to get him sent off obviously undermined him. Oh yes and his second goal was legit. That’s show business. 

@theboyhotspur “Terry appears unaffected by off field troubles” You don’t need Brian Cox to explain that one away. Terry is a conscienceless piece of dog muck. 

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  • Harry Hotspur says:

    Word to the wise. The use of the ‘c’ word has lost it’s witty edge of late so comments deploying it will go into a dark corner of the blog marked, ‘Awaiting Moderation’ :cool: So try thinking outside the box. See what I did there?

  • Harry Hotspur says:

    Oh yes. Ratings for vDV & Pav seemed a bit pointless, so I didn’t.

  • KevtheRev says:

    After we scored so very early, spurs slowed down in both tempo and energy, maybe more than a few players are carrying injuries/knocks, also many players played out of their best natural position meaning that once their form dipped they just couldn’t naturally pick their game and concentration thus infecting the whole team as a unit – also most importantly – some very poor, almost suspiciously scandalous officiating.

  • Happy Yid says:

    bit harsh on walker esp how bad pav played

  • RV says:

    As much as I like to see kyle going forward. When VDV is playing on the right we have no cover and that led to the goal. That said the blue scum deserved to score one on the game. I still think HR doesn’t know how to rotate his team and it’s perhaps why we are hit by a lot of injuries. Pienaar or Krank would have done way better than Pav. A shame. But a good draw, sitting third for christmas. Nothing to complain about. Just hope to see Levy cementing our place in Jan.

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