Levy Reveals Actual Cost Of Olympic Stadium Bid At AGM

Good morning.

The AGM is underway and thanks to the power of Twitter some info is already out.

@BenPearceSpurs is aSports journalist covering Spurs and other teams/sportspeople for the Tottenham Journal, Ham&High, Hackney Gazette and London24.com.

In summary as far as the England job and our fearless manager are concerned, Levy stated that Arry has 18 months remaining on his contract.

An interesting figure that I’m pleased to see in the public domain at last is that the failed Olympic Stadium bid cost the Club £1.7m.

So to all the Moaning Minnies out there, please look at this figure in footballing terms, not as if someone had just picked it from your own pocket. 

The NDP? Great quote from Citizen Levy,  ‘Failure is not an option. We will find a way to get this project done’.



  1. All sounds about right, above board and ‘to-the-point’ from Daniel.

    Commence the slagging off and conspiracy theories……..




  2. Harry, comments closed on the previous blog but I am dying to know – how did you ruffle baddiels feathers?

    I am unfortunately too fat thumbed to be a tweeter….or twitterer or whatever….

    1. It doesn’t take much to ruffle Baddiel/Chavski’s feathers.

      My guess is that H-H commented on the fact that the spectacles he wears make his face look fat…….or that ‘Three Lions’ was and still is a pile of sh*te!

      New Order Rules!

  3. Sometimes overused phrase but spot on in this scenario. BTW HH your player ratings were also spot on but i don`t wish to see them again this season, Keep us posted on AGM developments.COYS.

  4. The £1.7m is owed to us by the incompetence of the Olympic Authorities.

    They conducted an invalid purchasing exercise and should be made to compensate both Spurs and the spammers.

    Fair’s fair an’ all that!

    1. There is provision under EU law for persons etc who suffer losses as a result of breaches of EU law to be compensated. If there were two contenders and as in this case, one could only compete because of the illegal loan that was being offered (by LBN), then it would be interesting to see how WET SHAM fans feel about paying part of their council tax to compensate us :-p

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