Date: 17th December 2011 at 11:50am
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Good morning and for those of you in the UK welcome to the weather that started the heating bills you’ll be glaring at next year. So keep wrapped up. You don’t want a chilly willy. Few things worse than a cool tool.

indoors it is then. 

Martin O’Neil is to my mind a pleasant enough chap but an extremely overrated manager. 

Sunderland currently sit sixteenth in the league and incidentally a mere 5 points better off than …Bolton. I’m struggling to see this as having much to do with Steve Bruce being a bad manager. What I can see is that they have a team packed to the gills with mediocre players.

What I also see is that spent lumps and achieved even less than us under MON’s reign. McLeish whose competency I have genuinely grave concerns over has the Villans in ninth spot. 

The internet appears to be awash with the world and his wife telling us that aside from Raging who is on a ban and Ledders who is on a drip, just about everyone else is available. God bless the information super highway and the little doggy that peers into it’s trumpet.

Prediction? Where will their goals come from would be my burning question. It’s all a bit Scrappy Doo. We should win and win well. By 2 goals minimum. Lump on Tottingham.