Date:29th December 2011 at 9:51am
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Good morning Chicken Badge fans.

Breaking light from yonder window? Not really. More like the dull glow of a 20w bulb. This Google translation then from Croatian media, Sportske Novosti. Chelsea fans will be buoyed by the knowledge that despite the hard ball from Levy & Co the player is essentially theirs as soon as a deal can fight it’s way through the red tape.

 “All that is stated in the press I read, no other knowledge about the alleged offers I have. I do the time do not even bother. We do our best to Tottenham to get the results sought by the club and fans. 

We’re strong and playful. Considering all the circumstances, primarily to the fact that I do not want to go over Golgotha ??as the summer transfer period, with almost 100-percent certainty I can say that I will stay at Tottenham until the summer. 

A small percentage to go I always leave as a theoretical possibility, if the club gets such an offer for me and you can not (you) do not want to refuse. However, the reality is that the Spurs stay until June, and then it will be seen. 

All options are possible, however far it is, I will not bother. I just want to be healthy and play well, everything else will go in order to go. … “

How to win friends and influence people. Looking for loyalty in footballers these days is like looking for Neil Warnock’s eyebrows.