On The Wine The Night Before – Whasthastooriebud?!

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Good morning. So tell me, is the blood that courses through your veins as all fired up and zingy as mine? I knew it I knew I just knew it.

The very first of our intrepid fans will have landed in the Emerald Isle after successfully negotiating the smiling eastern European assassins determined to prove that their hand luggage won’t fit in the frame.

Slowly but unbeaten they emerge from the psychological warfare of Ryan Air’s in-flight shouty sales blitz. 

You won’t need to be a modern day Henry Higgins to know you’re in Tallaght. Jump on the old Daniel Day and as soon as you hear, ‘Uuuwrioote bud wahs tha’ stooorie?’ ‘Soreree bud ken oi get a yoyo farder trollee?’ you’ve arrived.

May your god be with you and keep your note money in your sock.

The players have already landed. Let’s hope the list includes  at least one of your favourites. Cudicini, Gomes, Rose, Assou-Ekotto, Kaboul, Townsend, Livermore, Sandro, Carroll, Pienaar, Kranjcar, Dos Santos, Falque, Kane and Defoe.

Who knows what we’ll get. The last time I saw Spurs play over there was a pre-season friendly which had folk cooing over Adel Taarabt’s step over frenzy.

I bumped into a duty manager from the hotel that Team Tottingham were staying in…a few months afterwards.

He told me that The Raddisson the night before the game was like a Tom & Jerry cartoon with Martin Jol belting around the corridors trying make sure everyone was in bed while a number of players including Dances With Scones were desperately trying to procure wine on the sly from staff.

Prediction? The true impact of €5+ per pint will only be felt in the morning.

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  • NellyYiddo says:

    Has anyone said before it’ll be good to see the kids get a run out?

  • Ste (Tallaght) says:

    If you feel the need to drink locally the Rovers fans drink in Molloys pub in the village, the Abberly is close to the stadium but again, is a local haunt for Rovers supporters, Ahernes is far away but has decently priced drink and is a good decent establishment.

    The Mill can have a bit of a dodgy crowd though I’ve never had trouble there…

    Get the Luas to and from town, or if you get a taxi it shouldn’t be more than 20 – 25 euro.

    The area could be considered dodgy, but then again so is Tottenham. Just avoid the little toe rags that support the Hoops, there only there to cause trouble. On the whole it is a decent area and if you are staying locally (the Plaza or the Abberly) you’ll be fine! Enjoy the match, KOH and COYS.

  • Sid Trotter says:

    I hope only U16s play, cos then if we win its great, and if we lose, its great – they’ll have to replay it – then we get the big guns in and shoot them before we start. We make our escape via the U2 building and absail down its side with a crate of the black stuff from The liffey, and speedboat it over to Anglessey where we’ll have agent Kevin Bond waiting for us in a marron jumpsuit

  • rogerspurs says:

    I went to Dublin on a course a few years ago – about the time they realised that the tunnel they were building to connect the docks to the ring raod/motorway wasn’t of sufficient diameter to accommodate the juggernauts. Only in Ireland eh?
    On a more important note – I like many others on this site started this campaign with the rallying cry ” Tottenham are nothing unless we are competing in Europe” poundng in my brain, and looking forward to some nice boozy trips to warmer climes come the spring. Given where we are in the PL and what we’ve seen of the kids and second raters in the squad during this Euro lark…am I the only one who will be glad to see the back of this fakkin competition? Encouraging words from Levy and rubberchops re the January window – let’s push on and win the only competition we haven’t won in two generations. Fer crissakes Italy has had 147 governments since we won the league – and I’m getting fed up of being encouraged by Spurs’ retail to buy ‘The Double’ every Christams for the past 20 bloody years – I wanna see the real deal before I peg it!

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