Date:16th December 2011 at 8:59am
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Good morning.

It was made pretty bleedin’ obvious to me that there is a place for Tottingham fans like me when it comes to competitions like this. Behind glass in a museum. But in the interests of getting on with it here’s the rating based upon the shifts put in and not the idiotic strategy applied to the tournament.

  One or two good moments when called upon.

 Like his spirit. Needs to watch his temper.

 Don’t cha wish your right back was A&E?

  Needs to be loaned out. See a bit of the world.

 Stellar goal, but is he a bit thick? 

 Not match fit, last night will have blown a few cobwebs away.

 Says he’s happy. I say they’ve just upped his Prozac.

 Jenas on acid.

 He’s waiting to leave. Which is a pity.

 His unrelenting determination paid off. Again.