Stoke Away The Pre Match Prattle

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Good morning.

Well all eyes on our Europa strategy now paying dividends then. Stoke, if one casts a steely eye upon the Barclay’s Premier League table sit 11 points behind us in 10th.  A win should not be a foregone conclusion, but we have to be favourites.

We’re playing some football that’s very easy on the eye. And for adrenalin junkies and TV producers looking for highlight clips even our failed attempts on goal are good viewing.

There was I am told, some some last minute medicals yesterday. What this means I can’t tell you because I don’t know.  But I suspect that King isn’t playing or we would have been told that he was. I’ll also have a guess that van der Vaart will at least be on the bench. His injury scares aren’t scaring me any more. I get the feeling he winces more often than I make typos.

Prediction? Azza will be sporting gloves is worse than even money.

If the team takes it’s lead from Pathe News Boy & Manu we’ll brave a bit of drizzle and a chill in the air and win by one, maybe even two.  I’ll have a tickle at 0-2. 


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  • Dutchman says:

    Rafa to start, please..
    Defoe/average Joe last 20 mins..

  • nipper says:

    we’ll go 1-0 down in the first ten minutes, then come from behind :-) to win 2-1

  • Habib says:

    Sir…. I wager the option at 11/2 whence on a corner Lennon will dribble the ball and himself under and between Crouch’s legs and a nano second past the bony cheeks will cheekily slot it into the top left hand corner…. Low center of gravity is one thing but being small enough to massage testicles with your carved ‘fro is an advantage few enjoy in the league. COYS!!!

  • Hartley says:

    3-1 to the mighty Yids, I fear we will come out second half and let them batter us for 20 minutes, then nick a couple on the break…VdV to start, and get the first, Walters to equalise….BIOYSC!

  • paulhasissues says:

    I have it on good authority that we will score on the counter after stoke 4th long throw of the afternoon. Kaboul to modders, modders to bale, bale to Ade – BANG,BOOM,goodnight.

    Either that or the chicken doner I had is doing a number on my insides

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