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Good afternoon,

I trust you’re all still basking in the reflected glory of our valiant boys. While you’re in a positive mood perhaps you’d give away two minutes of your executive schedule and take the End Of Year survey.

To participate, just click on the image below.


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  • McG says:

    1st :cool:

  • shelf side yid says:

    My mrs prefers if I cum 2nd

  • Hartley says:

    Probably the best of the current crop of youngsters, Tom Carroll was inexcusably absent from the poll….. :hae:

  • Yachtsman says:

    This Thursday, if Bale cannot, I’d like to see either Townshend or Rose start in his place. Rose had that sensational debut against the Arse last year. May be it’s Andros’ turn. Either way, defence will be tighter, the more so as Ledley is doubtful.

    Roll on January with the Hudd and Daws back in the mix.

  • james1980 says:

    Question 3 was too difficult. I felt incredibly guilty choosing Rad Brad over PNB.

    We have been gifted (or bought) a wealth of XP in those two, just what we needed.

    I love hearing “AWAY! AWAY!!” at every corner. Certainly fills me with confidence, must be doing the same for our defenders.

    PNB is superb, no doubt. But I am yet to see the angry face I saw him show for West Pigmeat so often, where clearly he put in a lot of his heart. When he shows Spurs a bit of that on top of his “just doin’ my job ma’am” attitude I’ll rate him signing of the season.

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