Triffic News: Rafa Back For Norwich!

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Guten Abend.

From the horses mouth then.  


“…will be training again and if that goes well I will be back next game!”

By the by, the venerable OneDaveMackay & I were doing a few test runs on the old Hotspur’s Half Hour last night and this issue actually arose. 

ODM felt that vdV might be out for a while yet. I felt he picked up ‘strings and strains’ like ODM picked up bagels and he would be back far sooner. But where we both agreed was would it not be better for Rafa to take some proper time off and get this ‘recurring niggle’ fixed?

So apologies for the brevity and if you garnered this info for yourselves, but I really thought it was more than worth sharing …vielleicht der Junge ist gut!

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  • Ginola14 says:

    I agree gaffer but I think he’s one of those who always wants to play. Also think his problem might be a bit more serious, in that generally if someone keeps getting the same injury he might need surgery..and at the moment we need him there or there abouts..

    Hope we’re not forced to play Bassong against the Canaries. I think Holt will murder him.

    Merry Christmas all I’m off to the pub

    • matt84 says:

      You can’t surgically repair a torn hamstring :( Only proper rest followed by a considered rehab program will fix it.

  • crespur says:

    Medics found it was a tight G-string and not a hamstring. VdV should stop wearing the Mrs’ gear and stick with the jocks, Merry Xmas to one and all from balmy Auckland NZ…COYS

  • Steveo1987 says:

    Please beat Norwich. This is my neck of the woods and the stick I will get would be unreal.

  • Hartley says:

    Plenty of time in the summer for him to get this likkle niggle better….we need him more than most realise, fit or 50% he is the best creative player we have! Merry Christmas and COYS… :winke:

    • Dutchman says:

      Heard there might be some cup this summer..:-)
      Agree with you, though, even at half-powers, he’s the one that will unlock opp. defenses..

      HH, thanks for another year of : great sarcasm, good news, good laughs, brilliant player ratings and food for thought!
      one question though : Benzema in Jan..? (you promised we’d get him :-)

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