Yes, We Have No Bananas

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Good afternoon.

If I could start every blog with the line, Richard Keys won’t be best pleased then I’d struggle to guess when I’d get bored blogging.

But that monkey pawed popinjay was one one of the main protagonists in the Modric to Chavski affair. There was barely a naffin’ morning when this smug, half pint sized can of urine wasn’t reeling out his, ‘I understand that Modric to Stamford Bridge is merely a formailty’ spiel.’  Box headed ponce.

“Luka’s future is here. No one is for sale. We are keeping our best players and if anything we will be adding to the squad not selling. 

That’s the message from me and the chairman. We won’t be weakening this squad. 

“If one or two positions open up where fringe players want to go then we will look at that but we are not going to sell our best players or anyone we want to keep.”

Great to see that electro shock device that Levy & Co bought off NASA for chimpanzee astronaut training did the trick. Might have had old Arry in for a stent, but at least he got the message at eventually.

We’re not selling, swapping or otherwise. 


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