You’re Not The Only Ship Adrift On This Ocean

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Good evening.

And the headline of course alludes to the popular beat combo The Rolling Stones’ and their toe tapping choon, ‘Mixed Emotions.’

And so is  being concerned about just how profligate in front of goal we were this afternoon to make me, us etc somehow …ungrateful? 

An emphatic ‘no’ is the right answer. 

We were gifted the sending off of Cahill. It wasn’t a red  no matter how much anti-freeze you’ve consumed. Did this daft act by the ref then go on to destroy the game? Another emphatic ‘no’ is the right answer. 

Bolton are – if they are really quite awfully lucky – going to find somebody to give them a lump for Cahill in January and  if they invest brilliantly they might they stay in the Premiership.

We lack depth and never more so was it revealed today. We need all our bestest players on the pitch at the same time if we want to either win,  or indeed win well. 

Bleedin’ Nora Aitch, s’pose you want Arry out annorl? We wun dinnun we?  Yes my old friend we did. But everything in this life is comparative.

Far too many missed opportunities today against a 10 man team of relegation fodder. And Bolton weren’t a wounded beast making a brave stand.  Nor was Jaaskelainen making history with his cat like saves. 

It’s all a bit of a muddle up front as Babs Windsor said after getting stuck in a revolving door with Sidney James and Bernard Bresslaw. We clearly need to sort this out. The opportunities missed today were as embarrassing as that naffin’ Blackpool game.

Please don’t get me wrong, delighted we won. Delighted. But what a fist of it we managed to make.

Player ratings in morning.

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  • Spurchrisd says:

    You need to get used to this kind of adequate, comfortable win achieved on cruise control. No injuries, no stress. Universal Soldier Ledley left in the ice box. Pure quality.

  • KevTheRev says:

    Tidy record breaking result make

  • TMWNN says:

    If the shit finishing continues, it will end up costing us points somewhere down the line. Needs to be addressed in this upcoming window, but I’m sure we’ll wait until it actually does cost us before we do anything about it.

    ..and Bale’s tribute to Gary Speed would have seemed more suited had Ronald McDonald passed on.

    It’s a very sad business, but how many more minute’s applause/silence must football have till sufficient respect has been paid?

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      I am of a very similar frame of mind.

      Speed’s death was nothing shy of sad, but in the final analysis he wasn’t shot down in a drive by killing.

      He was a comfortably off middle class bloke with a nice wife & family.Therefore him deciding to top himself was ultimately just another deeply selfish act of someone in great pain, but someone with children who may never know why daddy isn’t ever coming home again.

      I don’t do martyrs. false or otherwise.

      • DAVSPURS says:

        Never a truer word said the saying there’s newt so queer has folk is spot on H.H. I have just lost my best mate his kidneys failed he would have given anything to have Gary Speeds health and kidneys. About the game you have not taken into account the swirling gusty wind and lighter ball and Jussi flying all over his goals meant we only scored three.+13 is not bad we should be talking about our record six wins here is too the next six

        • essexian76 says:

          Don’t think that was the case, but when you’re thinking about missing the traffic or seeing the game out, today the traffic won. I’d willing endure another half an hour listening to the results and staring at an exhaust pipe if I thought it’ll be worth it, and it wasn’t to be honest.

        • Fatfish says:

          “There’s newt so queer as folk”. Is that a quote by Ken Livingstone?

      • mynameisluka says:

        Jesus wept- Harry-Cop on to yourself… there are more people killed by suicide in the UK and Ireland than by traffic accidents…If both governments paid as much attention to suicide as they did to drunk drivers, a lot of lives would be saved.
        “Top Himself”? FFS…

      • MaddySpurs says:

        That’s pathetic. You obviously know nothing about about depression. It’s attitudes like yours that compound the problem. You should be ashamed. You won’t be though. You’ll ignore this comment or call me a girl and say something about free speech instead of admitting your words can negatively affect someone reading them.

    • SpurredoninDublin says:


      Regarding the finishing, for me, last week, Ade was MOTM. This week, he was our worst player. I don’t think I saw him get the ball once where he didn’t look as if he was about to stumble over the ball.

      Say what you like about JD, but he does not lack that “first touch”. In spite of my making ADE MOTM last week, even then, there were a lot times he appeared to stumble over the ball.

  • Gilbo says:

    Just got home from match – tbh juicy jaskerlinian was man of match…


  • essexian76 says:

    Pretty poor performance on three accounts. Firstly the ref was ‘effin awful, secondly Bolton were ‘effin dreadful and lastly we were ‘effin arrogant. If ever there was an opportunity to ‘fill yer boots’, well, this was it, but you’ve got to want to. I hate it when we ‘sod about with it’ and I know it seems churlish to bemoan your side when they’ve banged in yet another three, but really, this is exactly what we accused the Goons of being and I hoped never to label that at Spurs. With a week before the Stoke game there was no reason why we shouldn’t have gone at it full tilt, but hey ho a wins a wins I guess?

    • Hartley says:

      The last 20 minutes was about as boring as I have ever witnessed at WHL in the last 30 years…..I love VdV but Lennon was having the time of his life out there and making the change ruined our chance of improving our goal difference with interest….

      • essexian76 says:

        And there was I thinking it was just me, I sort of knew after Defoe’s goal that was it, and they’d bugger about for the final minutes. I started looking at the time about then and began considering my options-then thought bugger this I’m offski and let’s get home early for the first time this season, which was a good call. Not really complaining, if you know what I mean, but hate to see us being so cocksure all the same.

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