Date: 3rd December 2011 at 6:01pm
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Good evening.

And the headline of course alludes to the popular beat combo The Rolling Stones’ and their toe tapping choon, ‘Mixed Emotions.’

And so is  being concerned about just how profligate in front of goal we were this afternoon to make me, us etc somehow …ungrateful? 

An emphatic ‘no’ is the right answer. 

We were gifted the sending off of Cahill. It wasn’t a  no matter how much anti-freeze you’ve consumed. Did this daft act by the ref then go on to destroy the game? Another emphatic ‘no’ is the right answer. 

Bolton are – if they are really quite awfully lucky – going to find somebody to give them a lump for Cahill in January and  if they invest brilliantly they might they stay in the .

We lack depth and never more so was it revealed today. We need all our bestest players on the pitch at the same time if we want to either win,  or indeed win well. 

Bleedin’ Nora Aitch, s’pose you want out annorl? We wun dinnun we?  Yes my old friend we did. But everything in this life is comparative.

Far too many missed opportunities today against a 10 man team of relegation fodder. And Bolton weren’t a wounded beast making a brave stand.  Nor was Jaaskelainen making history with his cat like saves. 

It’s all a bit of a muddle up front as Babs Windsor said after getting stuck in a revolving door with Sidney James and Bernard Bresslaw. We clearly need to sort this out. The opportunities missed today were as embarrassing as that naffin’ game.

Please don’t get me wrong, delighted we won. Delighted. But what a fist of it we managed to make.

in morning.