BAE Using A Taser Gun & The David Moyes’ Myth Debunked. I Said Debunked.

Image for BAE Using A Taser Gun & The David Moyes’ Myth Debunked. I Said Debunked.

Welcome to the teatime shift.

Threads from forums rarely have enough substance to spark entire blogs. I know this blog deteriorated beautifully and may I add effortlessly into an online gentlemen’s club for wise guys/shysters/bums/stiffs  many moons ago, but  you know what I mean.

Whilst I find most stats and such quite near coma inducing this yiddodiddodo chap from Spurs Community has not only appeared to have done his homework on Everton’s manager but perhaps also righted what somewhat of a wrong.

As football pulses through us and washes by our every waking moment it is easy sometimes for even the most watchful among us to lose sight of reality.

Praise upon David Moyes isn’t lavished, it’s actually deployed in far more sinister manner as it has somehow inexplicably become a ‘given’ .

Oh Moyesy. He’s your man. Nothing but bread and dripping and his magnificence have kept Everton where they are, you know…

This guff is on a par with the veil of mystery and wonder that has managed to enshroud Martin O’Neil. You can see where I’m a heading here… Here are the ‘spends’ figures as I have them.

Friedel – Free
Walker – 4.5
Dawson – 4
Kaboul 6.5
BAE – 3.5
Lennon -1
Livermore – Free
Modric – 16.5
Bale – 7
Ade – Loan

Total £51 M

Howard – 3
Neville 3.5+
Heitinga – 6.2
Distan – 5
Baines – 6
Donavan – Loan
Bilyaletdinov – 8.9
Cahill – 1.5
Fellani – 15
Anichebe – Free
Saha – 5

Total £54.1 M

Here’s Benny widda gun:

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  • Billy Legit says:

    ‘wise guys/shysters/bums/stiffs’

    Have we met, H-H?

    You seem to have got me down to a tee!

  • Dan says:

    Nice maths above. I’ll keep this simple as you clearly operate in a simplistic manner, but aren’t you ignoring the fact that Spurs squad is a much rather pool to choose from. £51m from £150m is a mich nicer selection than £54.1m from £51.4m!

    Stupid boy Pike.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      I take your cheap shot and raise you, Dan.

      How are non participants included? How? (Sorry to sound like a Bushite)

      Team on the night, Dan vs team on the night, Dan.

      Or do you want a count to include profit & loss charts since ’92.

      Come on :face:

      • LosLorenzo says:

        He didn’t have to be snarky about it, but he has a valid point. There is risk involved in transfers and all clubs have to expect to pick up a couple dog turds before finding the diamonds in the rough. The “turd-to-diamond ratio” (so to speak) is a relatively important aspect of a manager/team’s transfer dealings. That would indicate that it would perhaps be fair to look at money spent on “the squad” as well, when judging in’n’outs.

        Another comparison that would be fun to see, for those of us not as adversely inclined as you towards slide rules and protractors. How much money have the two teams spent in wages on the players who played last night? All time or so far this season/past year. Last night’s team, or whole squad. No matter how you slice it, I think we blow Everton out of the water. Don’t have time to do the research, would love it if someone did. Otherwise, my unsubstantiated speculation is all you’ve got.

  • Peewee says:

    That’s a really silly argument to make when you have about £100 million of talent on the treatment bench and we have er… Jose baxter on the bench. Mind you, I hope you’ve got some in the kitty for Ole Harry’s tax bill. Phew…

  • Andy says:

    For starters Saha was a free transfer and NOT £5m and also i think if you compare the value of the respective squads (and not just last nights starting eleven) you might come to a different conclusion.

    For example Everton’s subs bench cost a combined £1m and they were missing through injury Rodwell (Free), Osman (Free), Barkley (Free), Hibbert (Free), Coleman (£60k) and Jagielka (£4m).

  • jock says:

    Have a look at this Smart Alec!

    and that does not include Harry’s backhanders!

    • essexian76 says:

      Nasty and stupid remark Jock (no suprise there)-Harry has never negotiated or been involved in any transfer dealings at the Lane-facts before vitriol, eh?

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