Mark Hughes & Other Dead Men Perambulating

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Good afternoon.

Since taking over at Queens Park Rangers the back pages have unleashed a cavalcade of potential transfer targets for stone faced supremo. 

The Mail among others have suggested that Heurelho Gomes and Steven Peanut are in the mix. Let’s hope this is the case.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not exactly brimming with contempt for Gomes. If  you’ll indulge me lapsing into pop psychologist mode, the guy is guilty of nothing more than being a man who is perceived as weak.

You’ve heard the line that ‘goalies are a different breed’? Well that is 100% true. And no more so in the manner in which they are perceived. A goalie makes a howler and no matter how many great saves he makes afterwards, in the subconcious of most people it’s all about simply waiting for him to revisit that state of fiasco.

But your striker. Ah, your striker… No matter how godawful he has been, all he has to do is hit a screamer, shin one in when it’s needed the most and the elevation from bum to born again folk hero takes anywhere between 1.3 and 3.3  seconds (depending upon alcohol consumption of the supporter).

With Peanut I’m equally unhurried to hurl abuse. His problem is that it isn’t his fault we insisted on buying him. The double negative is clue to the daftness of that situation.

Spurs fans seem pretty much split on him. Some see him as a potentially useful squad player. Some see him as being less useful than a marzipan ironing board cover. A few fun seekers are calling it a cheeky bit of business by Levy & Co. Mmmn.

The hope is that we flog them and that their fees can go towards a striker that works. Pav’s agent has recently said that he’s had 4 enquiries him. But these are worthless unless they come anywhere close to THFC’s valuation. One figure being bandied about was a bid of £7M. Utterly pointless in even reporting it. As per rumoured interest to deal on Andrey Arshavin at €8M by some interested parties. He cost twice that. 

Defoe’s sale to Liverpool is fantasy. Arry had a gun put to his head as it was over 3MP. It’s only the fact that Adebayor is on a loan that’s keeping him in the Lilywhite as far as Levy & Co are concerned. 

Spurs have very few options to realistically raise raise cold hard case this winter and it’s vital that if there’s a whiff of truth in people like Sparky being interested we vend asap.

The alternative is to save a few buttons by loaning them out ala Bentley and J****.

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