Date: 7th January 2012 at 8:36am
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Good morning.

The Cup. The . The Third Round Proper off said competition. Triffic. But will it be? Forget the dismal prospect of one of ’s cut and shunt sides being fielded. I’m talking atmosphere.

The West Brom game atmosphere was frequently morgue-like. Despite all the good on the pitch it appears to be an uphill task to generate much off of it.

My joy of watching at The Lane over the years has ebbed away. Talking to a pal of mine who made the trip to made me quite jealous of what they have down there. The signing and ‘continental’ chanting from all around The Liberty was simply brilliant.

Newcastle United may have bored us all to with an inch of lives telling us what passionate fans they are; but again the atmosphere at Sid James’ Park against was extraordinary.

I can’t ever remember experiencing an atmosphere as naff at an away game as some of the home ones I’ve been to. Readers may have grasped I adopt a zero tolerance on those that seek to gain some dellusional oneupmanship for being regulars at games: so the fact that these clowns brag about hogging a seat whilst being mute pretty much says it all.

If you are attending this afternoon, be a love, buck the trend …and make some bloody noise.

I was rehearsing with ODM and used the line there that fans like me appear to have found their place. Tartan rug on lap, behind glass in a museum. Cups are officially yesterday’s bananas and it’s all about the League.

Well, the way I see it treated himself to a pair of new knees for his 70th birthday. Yett players these days are no longer playing on fields you wouldn’t send a horse out on. They aren’t kicking medicine balls about. Most aren’t smoking a pack a day and having a nip of gold watch at half time.

So when it comes to playing twice a week, don’t coming knocking at my door with  some feeble cobblers about being tired. You bore me. What are they on? Thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy grand a week? Get on with it. 

If Arry want’s to keep on eye on the Everton game on Wednesday night then he needs open up against Cheltenham with a genuinely strong side and scale it back if we click through the gears and get a goal or two. Opening up with his better players on the bench, ‘in event of an emergency’ is a half witted approach.