Pav’s Gone AWOL

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Hello my dears.

The tension is tangible. Only nearly 24 hours away from one of the biggest games in this football club’s entire history ever, since the last one. I had my say about the need for discipline here and so beyond that we need to make sure we …score.

Manu, Defoe and that pesky Russian are all fit and raring to go. Sadly Manu’s contractual obligations mean he’ll only be going as far as the comfy seats behind the substitutes.

So then there were two.

Arry in the Current Bun says of Defoe, 

“City have won all 10 Prem home games this term but it would be a fantastic achievement for us to go there and change that. 

Defoe could have a key role in that. I watch him in training and he has the shortest backlift of any striker, he barely bends his leg when teeing up a shot but then he is a brilliant finisher.

“I’ve taken Jermain with me to nearly all the clubs I’ve managed. I signed him as a little kid at West Ham, he has been with me at Portsmouth and now at Spurs. 

Our squad is more than capable of coming away with something from Man City, and it could be a big day for Defoe.”

Let’s hope they can both do the right thing and take a leaf from Ade’s performances and do more than ‘turn’, ‘shoot’ and ‘wince’. Pav’s been AWOL ever since the Togan arrived and he won’t get a better chance to prove he’s worth keeping than Sunday.

His run out in the Europa weren’t any good and we can sit here and bicker over why that was the case until the end of time. The focus here is on a top flight Premiership game surrounded by decent team mates and dangerous opposition.

Can you find Pav? Can Pav find himself? Click on the image below!

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